Apocalypse How: What is Unconsciousness ? Part .1


We talk a lot about consciousness these days , and we “attempt”  to define it in various ways, so I thought it might be useful to talk about ideas on what unconsciousness  is to perhaps shed more ” light ” on the over all subject.

Lets say unconsciousness is when you are totally identified with the conditioning of the mind,  when you are so immersed in your role , your narrative, that you actually believe “what ”  you are is your story , this is what also could be termed as the “Human Condition” .

We are not saying the Human Condition is a negative thing , it is simply a type of expression consciousness has chosen for a type of limited linear experience, so in that sense it can be  a very positive thing, all though normally the term is used with a negative connotation.

However like all “things” balance is the key , you don’t want to be so identified with ego, so unconsciousness that you are unable to tap into your higher self, thus creating suffering that you do not necessarily want, although if you do like suffering as many do then that’s OK t0o … of course.

A large percentage of the population is effectively unconscious using this definition , in other words , most people do not see themselves outside of their personality construct , most humans are completely identified , completely focused on the Egoic Mind, the conditioned mind or as I like to call it , the Monkey Mind.

The conditioned mind is essentially the voice we hear in our head constantly chattering , our thoughts , constantly moving from one thought to the next , the never ending stream of judging  , defining  and categorizing ,  people , places and events that are occurring moment by moment, day by day.

However what ” We Actually Are ”  is that stillness, the never changing essence , that small voice ,  within the chatter , that is quietly listening , the aware observer , and to the extent that you can nurture that voice, allow that state of being to become predominate , will determine to a great  deal how much peace, and true fulfillment you can experience in the eternal now .

Because no matter what you do , you can never be satisfied by form , by physical reality , you will always want more and of course you will never find it out there in the world , because what your looking for isn’t out there , it’s in each of us , we are all that is and ever will be , physicality , the form universe is simply an expression of that , so why would you expect to find your true self in the reflection.

An unconsciousness person looks at the reflection and believes that is who they are.

A good example of how the Egoic mind interferes with our actually experiencing our selves and others in the moment is when someone will be talking to you , you will be shaking your head pretending to listen , but you aren’t really listening , quite often your thinking about what you will say next, or you will be judging the other person , comparing, categorizing, this is what the conditioned mind does.

We all suffer from this conditioning to some degree or another , the human mind has been going the through this conditioning for thousands of years , however the more you are aware of it , the more you can begin the process of deprogramming . The process of deprogramming really is about where you put your attention.

Start to move some of your attention away from the ramblings of the mind and simply feel the life force in your body , in your environment , simply be , without the process of analyzing ” everything” which is what the monkey mind is so fond of doing 24/7/365.

Once you understand what the conditioning is and how it operates, you can allow it , you can be human , being human is a wonderful experience , “especially” when you are not so identified with it.

When your not  totally identified with it , you can have fun with it , you can laugh at yourself , not take yourself so seriously , becasue you know that the silly thoughts of the conditioned mind or not what you are , you are not your story ,  the real you is outside of the limited construct of the human persona , and knowing this again makes the experience so much more enjoyable . more free , you are no longer trapped within your self created prison .

Someone who cannot laugh at themselves, people that take themselves so seriously are representative of  the this idea , they are so identified with the Egoic mind  , so unconscious that they take everything personally , which makes sense becasue they are identified with persona, they have so much invested in ..Being Right … About Everything !

Conversely, someone who is more balanced , not so identified , typically does not take themselves or anyone all that seriously , they generally do not idolize others, they are typically at peace and fulfilled and find the greatest joy in the simplest of things, appreciative in spirit for  all they have , for they understand they are life itself, they are universe, what more do they really need.

After all these little lives we live in physicality are mere blinks of the eye, and poof its over , on to the next adventure in our eternal journeys.

Below is an excellent video with Eckhart Tolle to get you started on this idea, he is probably the best voice when it comes to articulating this idea of  existing outside of the conditioned mind, with his soft spoken voice and humorous way , he gently prods our awareness into the stillness.



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