Astrotheology: The Expansion Of Consciousness Part .1

Astrotheology or the Holy Science as it is referred to by some is really just the way the Universe Works. And the Universe works in a cyclical manner.

Consciousness Expands, and contracts, we go from the light , back to the darkness, breath in breath out , this is the nature of reality , the nature of the universe.

This is why we are now discovering that civilizations in the past seemed much more advanced than we are today in many areas, because evolution is not a linear progression, its all cycles , this is what the Mayan culture and teachings are all about.

We have been in a phase of less light, less consciousness for over 5000 years and we are now moving into a cycle of rebirth , or more consciousness, more light , again the pattern is always from darkness to light, this is the general theme of what we call physical existence , or the drama of Physical Universe.

This is the game we play, and as you grow in awareness and expand your consciousness, you will go through phases, as you play the game.

The first step upon awakening is realizing the world does not work the way you thought it did. It is not black and white, good and bad , right or wrong, yes there are things that appear that way , although as you step back , as you take in more of the story, you will start to see things in a more unified way.

In fact the very nature of expanding consciousness is really about unification , its about the unified field, being more integrated into the unified field, which is really another term for “all that is”.

All we are really saying here is that you Become more of who you already are. Remember , from a greater perspective, I am really zooming out here , we knowingly made a choice to enter physicality.

We knew that we would loose much of our connection to source, we knew that we would be subject to the darkness, and yet because of who we are , we did it anyway , purely for the experience, for the challenge , for the excitement of raw creation, This is What we are, we are fearless.

As your awakening journey begins, one of the first things you will notice now that you have turned the lights on so to speak, is all the dirt in the room.

This is the Alex Jones, Max Keiser , Michael Ruppert territory , of Financial Corruption and Greed, Police State Globalist Agendas, Banking Oligarchies, Fear Mongering , Military Industrial Complex Created Wars , Alphabet Agencies Black Projects and all manner of real conspiracies that have been going on for centuries.

And this is a good thing , it is good to know about how the world works , that’s what the Apocalypse is all about , seeing things as they truly are from a mature state of being, it’s time we grow up.

There is no Easter bunny, no Santa clause and Politics is just theater to entertain the masses. The real control mechanisms of the planet are cleverly hidden and behind the scenes for most people who are not “Awake ” and have not taken the time to educate themselves about such things.

In fact the very mechanisms , or distractions of life are put there specifically to entrap infinite consciousness  in a 3D 5 sense reality of working, struggling , surviving, for many there is no time to do research, to read, to explore and expand their awareness, they are simply programs running, like a broken record, repeating over an over.

And this takes us back to the point, of Astrotheology, the Holy Science. This ancient science breaks down the nature of the Universe and how it works, this science will aide in our expansion of consciousness.

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