Apocalypse How: Police State Of Being

Everybody in the alternative media and even the mainstream  is clamoring about the rapidly growing Police State . With homeland insecurity buying billions of rounds of ammo, police departments rapidly militarizing themselves with cheap equipment from old wars, and politicians talking about gun control and the erosion of freedom… it’s no wonder !

Every year we keep hearing more about how the various agencies in the US are preparing for something   Big !  What we are not quite sure , but what ever it is ,economic collapse , civil war or  natural disasters ,  it will require an army to maintain control over the population of the United States, and of course this is why everyone is talking about the police state.

When I say everyone , I guess that’s stretching a bit , it’s really not everyone , in fact it’s probably only a small percentage of society that is talking or thinking about the Police State , most people are caught up in the never ending smorgasbord of bread and circus provided by the societal engineers , in a ” state ” of fixation  with their  TV shows, Pop Culture worship of rappers, movie stars and sports stars and other Big Daddy Icons , all of which are channeled to them 24/7 via their , Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, and all other manner of techno gadgetry.

You would think with all the information technology , people would be a little better …well …informed…I guess like everything it boils down to resonance, if your not interested, if it doesn’t resonate , then it really won’t be on your radar , one could say it doesn’t really exist for all practical purposes , people are simply immersed in the matrix of their own creation.

So in a sense the Police State is really a state of being , and the video below gives you some insight into what I am talking about .

The video Below is a Mark Dice Video , he goes out and does a sort of litmus test of the people on the street , to see how aware and educated they are about certain subjects , in this case it’s about the police state , I always find it fascinating how most people have no idea what he is taking about , and simply agree with what ever he is saying , it’s quite a phenomenon, perhaps they are just excited to be on camera , I have no idea what the deal is , however for those of us who are aware observers it is rather amusing.

One things is for sure , after watching various videos of people on the street , there clearly does not appear to be a mass awakening occurring , which supports the idea that we never change the world, we change ourselves and shift to versions of reality more in alignment with our new beliefs and definitions .

So don’t go looking at the outer world to judge whether you have changed or shifted , that appears to be counter to the process, just grab some popcorn and enjoy the show, because from where I ‘m sitting the movie Idiocracy may actually be a documentary !

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