Shift Report: Tortoise Wars



Well here we are on a version of earth , where it appears, the desert tortoise is worth killing other humans for.  Now don’t get me wrong , every living thing has a right to expression , and the desert tortoise never hurt anybody.

So why would the evil ranchers want to harm the desert tortoise , I mean come on every one knows what would happen if a cow accidentally stepped on a tortoise , it would be pandemonium , I guess… that or nothing would happen , no that’s not what it’s about, come…on !

I know …I know ….It’s because a few cows would eat all the vegetation on that 600,000 acres , and starve all of those tortoises out of existence , becasue there is so little open land in Nevada , just a few million acres ,  yeah that’s it , that’s what this is all about…right ?

No that can’t be it , it’s becasue the powerless that be really do love those little tortoises , they are so cute and cuddly !  Ok …enough , I think you can feel my sarcasm , anyway , so here we are …welcome to the show.

You know Terrance always said  the level of novelty would continue to increase as we move deeper into this Apocalypse , and if he were here today , he would be smiling !

Of course this isn’t about tortoises, it’s not about 600,000 acres of dry and barren desert , it’s not about water rights , it’s not about grazing fees, ultimately I think the farmer is right , it’s about … control and of course …Solar and Wind Energy deals being cut in backrooms , politicians with sticky fingers, corruption , greed , that that sounds about right , welcome to planet earth, make sure you read the brochure next time.

So here we go , Blood Moons and Earthquakes , this reality , the mind created reality , that exists on this planets is reaching staggering levels of  insanity , yet here I am , observing it , wondering why am I here of course  and what is the purpose in all of this … right now …I’m hoping the purpose is to teach us what we do not prefer !

As the militia groups , and the Oath Keepers head west , as the politicians and the talking heads gather in the desert , a storm is brewing , snipers are on the hill, backhoes are destroying infrastructure,   is this going to be our American Spring , is humanity finally going to take a stand !

As jaded as we all may have become about ever seeing any real change on this planet , my heart still reaches out to those who would stand against the control mechanisms, who would dare to cut through the BS and simply see it for what it is …Tyranny …not Tortoises …thank you for your contribution !

So put on your “Shifting Shoes” and lets Shift !  Lets shift to a version of reality where , the desert fills up with the beating hearts of thousands of conscious human beings bringing sanity to the situation . Where the jackboots realize they are the wrong side , that there are no sides , just humanity , and a tortoise as cute as they may be , perhaps even worth dying for … however a lie isn’t , and that is exactly what is being perpetrated  on those humans in Clark County Nevada … another “Big”  lie !



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