Divine Right To Rule: What is Tyranny


What is Tyranny ?  For me,  it’s when  anyone or anything tries to hold Dominion over you. When “anyone”  tries to impose their will on you.

And Tyranny comes in all kinds of shapes and all sizes, there is big tyranny like governments and evil dictators, and there is little Tyranny that each of us have been guilty of.

Since we are fractals of all that is , the outer is only a reflection of the inner, which is why Tyranny permeates reality at many levels. So how do you fight against Tyranny in all of its forms when  this particular paradigm is so  full of tyranny .

First we must recognize that its a disease that has firmly planted itself on this planet.  From those that feel they have the Divine Right to Rule like the elite bloodlines that date back for thousand’s of years , to your family member , or co-worker who wants to make your life miserable because they are unhappy.

How do we cure this disease called Tyranny, there is only one cure , and that is unconditional love, and empathy  flowing through you and around you.  Tyranny is the absence of love.

Tyranny is simply a by product of fear, most of the people that you know or have met who are hell bent on trying to manipulate and control everyone , are usually miserable souls, very insecure and living without love in their hearts.

From this vibration, Tyranny finds fertile ground, which is why it is so rampant in our society these days. Tyranny is actually nurtured in today’s culture.

Many people feel self righteous or entitled , never having suffered themselves, having no empathy for others , this is the type of social reality we live in.

So what can you do in the face of tyranny when its being ” imposed on you” ?  Stand in love , know that you are infinite consciousness and that circumstances don’t matter , only state of being matters.

Our State of being is the only thing we truly have any control over, our state of being creates “matter”, as you learn to modulate your vibrational frequency  , tyranny will lose its effect , once you know longer fear death or lack of abundance , or loss of ego , tyranny has nothing to sink its teeth into .

You become fearless, and tyranny is a nothing but a scared bully , that only wants …to be…loved.


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