Apocalypse How: Crop Circle Evolution


All things are in a state of evolution , including crop circles , in fact crop circles have evolved so much in the last 30 years or so , I don’t know why we are even still calling the Crop Circles, they are anything but circles these days.

The so called crop circles of the 21st century are a highly complex type of pictogram , utilizing advanced mathematics like the  Fibonacci Sequence and Scared Geometry , and their message if you will,  is a essentially coming from the universe itself … or consciousness… at least that’s what I think is happening… intuitively !

Anyone who still believes these complex, geometrically and mathematically perfect designs in the crops that suddenly appear  manufactured by humans stomping about with boards on their feet in the middle of the night , are likely still waiting for Santa to come down the chimney !

There has been an incredible amount of research into this phenomenon ,  and the fact that it is so tangible , in your face and there for anyone to witness makes it the prefect vehicle for communication from the others , whether they be extraterrestrial or simply our own collective consciousness … are a combination of both perhaps … of course in the end,  there is only one being talking to itself … that’s us!

The recent documentary by UFO TV below is one of the best I have seen in exploring the evidence and the cosmic code that seems to be reveling itself in these giant images painted on grain fields through out the world .

One of the most fascinating findings reported in this film is when they look at the effect this phenomenon has on the plants themselves , down to a molecular level…this is where it gets really interesting  and illustrates perfectly the idea of the holographic nature of reality.

When they examined closely the cells of the plants themselves, they began to see patterns , patterns that closely matched the pattern of the crop circle itself when viewed form thy sky , as if the template of the message , the code was imprinted into the very fabric  of the plants cellular structure, as above so below , from the micro to the macro.

What technology , what machinery could do this ?  Well no one knows for sure how it is done , although I am still convinced it is not a machine or even a technology created process, my feeling is that it is consciousness itself , manipulating matter .

Our collective consciousness is in a sense communicating higher knowledge back to itself on the earth plane , in physicality , it makes perfect sense and is also the reason for the evolutionary trajectory and increase complexity of the patterns, from the simple circle which represents the one , the beginning , to the incredibly complex patterns we see today.

As we  , consciousness , have evolved so have the crop circles themselves , the more expanded we become the more complex and integrated we become  in our understanding of the universe  and the nature of reality , so do the circles.

I liken the grain fields to giant sheets of paper that we as consciousness use to imprint messages on , symbols for all the world to see, in the beginning we started with simple circles  ,kinda of like a dot matrix printer … now …it’s more like high resolution laser printing … we have come a long way baby !



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