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April 1, 2014 2:00pm
Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

The channel began in meditation, during which time she was directed to begin with the album 10,000 Days by Tool.

Transmission began with the first track of this album, after which she was instructed to play the album Lateralus by the same band, Tool.

The entire transmission flowed for the duration of this album to its completion. Only the closing comments were written in silence.

Prepare, for the day of our coming is near. Rejoice, for some, we are already here.

For as we have said, all is now and those who have learned the method of jumping consciously from parallel reality to parallel reality, have already made contact with us on many levels: not just ethereal, but corporeal.

We are always among you, but it is your ability to adjust your vibration, that either enables you to commune with us or exempt yourself from this experience.

You are trying to hard. Just let things flow. You are holding onto yourself. Let go of yourself.

You must let go of your “Self”, to have the experience of the One. For many this is frightening, for they fear the complete loss of Self in the letting go.

But this is not so. The Self is never lost in the merging. It is made greater in the conscious joining with the One. And this is the paradox.

The One is the many and the many are the One. In the joining with the One, the diversity of the many is made more distinct, as the experience of the One is expanded. Let go. Let go. Let go.

Imagine a lotus with many petals, a lotus with an infinite number of petals. Each petal is distinct unto itself, and yet they all join as one to create the whole: the infinitely blossoming lotus that is the Universe.

We are one with you in this way and you are one with all in this way.

From the outer perimeter of this Universal lotus, to the inner core, are ordered all beings of the Universe.

The outer perimeter represents those of the lower vibrations and as each layer of petals proceeds to the core of the cosmic flower, the vibrations of the beings that occupy each consecutive layer, increase, until in the center, in the core, is the ultimate originating and organizing Source of all and the highest vibration, that of pure unconditional love.

You are currently on the outer perimeter of this cosmic lotus. We inhabit many of the inner layers, petals of dimensions that reside in levels of higher vibration.

We say we reside in many levels because we are a collective. This is why we have identified ourselves as The Collective. We are a unified chorus, speaking to you, each one in turn, as it is appropriate and corresponding to the vibration that you are offering.

This is why at times you will notice that the information being transmitted to you may be of a scientific nature.

Other times it will be of a more spiritual nature. And still others, of a more emotional or psychological nature.

This is because there are beings on various levels or planes of existence, who possess expertise in all these various areas, due to experiences they themselves have had along the way on their own journeys of evolution.

This is why, in opening up to allowing communication with us, you have access to the answers to any questions you may have.

You have the questions, because the answers already exist some where within the One, among the many that are us, with whom you are a part. Some of us are actually you.

All is now, therefore even the you that you are evolving into exists now. The many “you’s” that you have already evolved into already exist among us in this lotus of many petals, that is the One.

There are many “you’s” in existence right now, in various layers of the lotus, from the external petals, right through to the center of the lotus, the heart of all creation which is pure positive Divine Source energy.

Depending on your vibrational frequency, you are at any time, able to access any one of these many “you’s” that now are existing simultaneously: right from this lower vibrational you, in your current corporeal existence, up through (vibrationally speaking) or in through (metaphorically speaking) the lotus, to the ethereal highest vibration of pure Source at the center of the lotus. Upwards and inwards.

You can access any of these many “you’s” and also, any one of those that you may be communing with on any of these various planes of existence as well.

Just as you have friends here on your current physical plane of existence, the many “you’s” that exist on all of these other various planes of existence, also have friends that they (you) commune with. You have access to all of this companionship and all of the information that they possess as well.

This is why you need never be afraid that you will not find the answers that you seek or the wisdom that you require.

You literally have access to the One Mind that has been all, is all and will forever continue to be all, through all of your various selves, from corporeal to Divine Source, and all others that you have evolved with.

This is also why the notion of loneliness or even aloneness is an illusion. All you must do is adjust your vibration upward with faith and trust, and you may visit many planes of existence where you already reside with many companions.

This is you and your relationship with the entire cosmos, vibrationally moving upwards and inwards.

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