The Larger Consciousness System

The Larger Consciousness System , or LCS is another great way to describe , to define,  the concept of “All that Is ” or Infinite consciousness.

The Larger Consciousness system , could also be described as “The Singularity” , or “First Source”.  There are many words we can use, but I have to say after hearing this term used by Thomas Campbell , I really like it for its “Universal” connotation and appeal.

It is my feeling , along with many others,  that consciousness is really the only true “Substance” if you will , of the universe, it’s data , or information, a manifestation of source energy, or “Being”.

Of course the “Matrix” Movies were a brilliant metaphor for this way of thinking.  And just like in the Matrix Movies once you understand this from a sate of “being” of “Knowing”  , your experience of physicality or the Matrix is dramatically altered , for the better I would argue, becasue it allows you to navigate the various virtual realities. It’s kind of like having the cheat codes for a video game really.

When you start to see things form the perspective of the Larger Consciousness System you are essentially processing the data  from a state of unity , as opposed to being polarized.  For example instead of being a left brained person , or a right brain person, you are a whole brain person, which is better for you more healthy , kind of like Whole grain breads, silly I know , I couldn’t help it though .

So the idea is that you can  be logical and highly intuitive at the same time, the two are not mutually exclusive and in fact when used in unison , you can maximize your experience in physical reality so that you get much more out of the experience of  Being “Human”

Within the Larger Consciousness System, there are an infinite variety of smaller systems , one of these smaller systems we will call physical reality , a construct , that is held together by a set of root assumptions , agreed upon by a collective for a type of experience, these root assumptions are also called the “Laws Of Nature” by science.

So Can the Laws of Nature be broken ?  Absolutely,   the Laws of Nature are “subject to”  The Larger Consciousness System , the so called laws of nature are within “all that is”  or the LCS , so why don’t we see this happening every day.

The reason we don’t see dramatic change in the “Outer World ” every day,  is because the universe is self organizing, the LCS protects the constructs that we create , so that they can function , and appear solid and reliable so that the larger population of the collective can rely on things to be fairly normal from day to day, otherwise it would appear as chaos, not the best  platform for growth.

Do we have occurrences of abnormalities, glitches, ghosts in the machine? Absolutely, we do have those everyday , however they remain on the fringe of the collective consciousness here on earth, and for those that are ready to process and integrate those types of experiences , they act as a very important catalyst for further expansion of consciousness , within the LCS.

So each of us are essentially a fractal of the LCS, when we learn,  when we grow, when we expand, that expansion and growth is immediately integrated into the LCS , so that all the fractals can now access that information, its a self organizing, ever expanding holographic , feedback loop.

So how does the awareness , the understanding , of the way the universe works, help us  in our daily lives. How can we complete the circuit and use this information in a practical way, what I call the Practical Application . If we don’t use what we are learning  in our daily lives , then all we are really doing is waxing philosophical , intellectualizing, playing with words.

All I can offer is how it works for me of course, becasue that’s what I “know” , however I do see the effects on the other fractals around me , like my family , my co workers, people you meet in the store , which inspires me and continues the feed back loop.

When you “know” and by knowing  , I mean it is integrated into your very being, from the heart, not the brain/intellect , that you are consciousness playing the part of  being Human, and that this role of the human being is just one aspect of what you are , then you are starting to see a glimpse of the LCS.

When you “know ” that physical reality is in a sense another type of dream, or virtual reality , a vibrational  frequency , one channel that we are tuned into so that we can be part of the program, within an infinite frequency range, then you are starting to get a glimpse of the LCS .

When you “know”  your  definitions, beliefs,  and state of being  alter and even create  the experiences you are having within this virtual reality then you are starting to see the nature of the LCS.

When you “know” universe supports you in every way , it supports all your hopes, beliefs, desires, your highest joys , whether they are positive or negative, universe makes no distinctions,  it simply provides  resources to whatever course of action you are taking, when you know this , you are starting to experience the magic of who we are , and in fact  we are the  LCS.

When you “know” that bringing these truths into your daily life manifest as higher conduct from you and those that are influenced by your actions, this is leading by example, this is being the change you want to see in the world, you will start to see the beauty and purpose of the LCS, as a process , as a refinement , as an integration process of the LCS, of which we are all an integral part.

When you start living this way, when you no longer see yourself as simply a physical being, you will be empowered , you will have access to the infinite resources  that an infinite universe can provide for you , you will be a fully conscious , sovereign being of the LCS, with no limitation at all.

All of this awareness will lead you to , greater abundance,  joy, understanding, empathy, compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, humility, appreciation, and Valor, you will become the elegant warrior.

In the interview below we have two brilliant voices for the Apocalypse, Thomas Campbell and Neil Kramer, wow …( talk about the ultimate dream team ) ..for me. In this discussion Neil and Thomas do a tag team on explaining  some of the finer aspects of the Nature of Reality , or as Thomas calls it the Larger Consciousness System.

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