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April 1, 2014 2:00pm

Via Elizabeth Chaykowski

There are also many “you’s” already currently existing in parallel realities that represent existing parallel earths.

So even on your vibrational level of existence or in your dimension, it is possible to enter parallel realities, the lives of parallel “you’s”, that are currently living on parallel earths.

In previous transmissions we have already spoken of the many parallel earth realities you are living and how quickly you jump from one to another without realizing it: experiencing the shift as a change of mood or perspective or what you would call déjà vu.

These “you’s” are also living simultaneously on these earths that are existing simultaneously.

Depending on the way that you desire the earth that you are currently living on to be, and your ability to conform your behaviors and your feelings to match that desired earth reality.

To that desire and to that extent, you are able to jump the tracks and find yourself to be a citizen of that desired parallel earth: the earth that most accurately manifests the vision and the feelings of the earth that you desire to live on.

There has been one on your planet who has said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

This principle works, not because by doing so, you have changed the world in which you are currently living, but because, by being the change you wish to see, you have changed yourself and thus put yourself in the parallel earth reality that is in alignment with your desire.

It is not the world that has changed it is you who have vibrationally moved yourself to an earth that is in vibrational harmony with the change you wish to see.

You do not have to save the earth that you are currently on. You just have to be the earth that is already saved.

You have a movie. It is called The Matrix. In the movie, a child is bending a spoon seemingly with his mind. One asks how he is doing this.

The child responds, “Do not try to bend the spoon. That is impossible. Instead, only know that it is you who are bending.” This is the same principle. To bend the spoon in your currently reality is impossible.

But move yourself vibrationally into a parallel reality in which the laws that govern manifestation are different, a reality with a generally higher vibration, a reality in which the laws that govern manifestation allow for direct interplay of mind and molecule, then it is you who have bent to a reality in which the spoon can be bent and so it must be.

We know. This is a bit of a mind bender. (laughter)

Don’t try to bend the spoon in your current reality. Instead move to a parallel reality where you can bend the spoon. Don’t try to save this earth, shift your reality to a parallel earth that is already saved or if that is a stretch, an earth that is already saving itself.

You know, you are already doing this when you shift from a negative to a positive attitude about your current earth reality. You just have to make up your mind about which reality you prefer, and just hold that vibration with your beliefs, feelings and harmonious behavior with it, for a long enough period of time to begin to see a noticeable change or difference in your immediate environment.

The trouble is, a great number of you can’t make up your mind about what parallel earth reality you wish to inhabit. This is because the word “realistic” trips you up. You fear that by completely believing in the earth reality of your preference, you may be duping yourselves and then find yourselves caught with your pants down.

But this is only because up until now, you have not been aware that this parallel earth of your preference really does exist as an actual reality. It exists NOW and you inhabit it, with the version of yourself that prefers it, now.

This is the highest version of yourself in accordance with your preferred state of being. It is also inhabited by alternate versions of the people you now know, who are also seeking to live in the same earth reality as you.

Of course, this parallel earth reality is missing a great deal of what your current earth reality possesses and there are some that you know here, that are not there, because they do not wish change.

They in this incarnation have chosen and prefer a state of being that involves experiences attracted by lower vibrational frequencies and that is equally acceptable. There is no right or wrong. There is only the growth of the soul and what it requires to do so.

Everyone is in their own personal state of evolution, and there is no right parallel reality or wrong parallel reality.

Each chooses according to the experiences they desire to have, in accordance with what is necessary for their learning and growth, which in turn is in accordance and harmony with, the ongoing and continuous expansion of the cosmic lotus, which is where this transmission began.

There is much for you to chew on and digest in this transmission and it will certainly challenge the rigid structure of some long standing and well established neural nets.

Allow time for this processing and do not be frustrated if at first, consciousness seems unable to make coherent sense of any of it.

Let go. Let go. Let go, as we have said. Allow the frequency of the ideas do the work of altering neural nets and expanding understanding. Hearing this once, even without comprehension, has already altered your state of consciousness and vibration, and has opened up new pathways in the mind.

And finally as a last word, we would like to speak to the music that was being played for the duration of this transmission. Many of you have found resonance with it and this not without reason. All creativity is an act of channeling.

All creativity comes from a place of high vibrational frequency. But if indeed, in the listening of this particular piece of music, you have sensed an even higher resonation then usual, that perhaps it comes from a much higher place of vibrational frequency then that which is the norm of those who manifested it, this is not without reason.

So for those who resonate with it, it may be used as a conduit for connection with us, if used consciously for this purpose.

In all of this we do understand, that words do not teach. To learn, you must risk experience. And to what end do we share this information? For your joy in the expansion of your understanding that you are the creators of your reality.

All is One. One is All. The very core center of the lotus, Divine Source energy, is pure, positive, unconditional love, the highest vibration. There is a You that is there.


The Collective

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