Apocalypse How: Excitement Is a State of Being.


Excitement is a State of Being, you don’t need anything from the outside world to experience true excitement . True excitement comes from having a solid connection to source , or better yet … “knowing” you “are” source.

From that perspective I’m not excited about anything ! I know that doesn’t sound very positive , but what I’m actually saying is that I’m not excited about any “one” thing , I’m not excited about “some thing” , I’m excited for the sake of being excited , I am experiencing excitement as a state of being, my excitement doesn’t have to be about “something” !

If your excitement has to be based on something , if it requires something from the outside world to initiate , you are not experiencing excitement as a state of being.

Excitement as a state of being , is really about  “being” able to “experience” our true core vibration , a vibration that knows it is infinite abundance , knows it is supported in every way , experiences synchronicity every day ,and “is” unconditional love .

Once you attach your joy , your excitement to something , once you create expectation about what is required for your excitement to exist , you are creating limitation , it becomes another “If Then”.

“If ” this happens , “Then” I will be excited about life . We all get caught up in the “If -Then ” trap.  However… “now” is the time to allow yourself to simply be excited , no permission slip required, yes you can just be happy, joyous, no accomplishments required , no goals have to be achieved !

At any given moment , decide , what is the most exciting thing you can act upon, with no expectation ,  act upon “that” until there is no more action you can take  , and do it again , rinse .. repeat…moment by moment , use excitement as your navigator , follow it wherever it goes , regardless of whether physical mind “thinks” it’s good idea or bad decision , whether it’s right move or the wrong choice.

Physical mind doesn’t have the full picture , it’s operating from a very limited perspective , it’s not meant to be the navigator , the heart , which is more connected to higher self , to your over soul , to source , is a much better leader , especially now,  during the Apocalypse , as we break free of all the limiting beliefs and definitions that have been in place for so long .

Do this and your life will become an explosion of synchronicity and abundance , yes it’s that easy , remember we are universe , we are all that is and ever will be , we are the cosmos , bring the entire universe into your reality sphere and own it , it is what we are.

When ever adversity comes along see it as an exciting new adventure, another step towards your growth and expansion , see it as a positive change and you will get a positive experience out of it .

When we are feeling joy and excitement as a state of being , everything will flow , and all of “things” that you would naturally get excited about ,will manifest in your life , they will be a natural “By Product ” of that state !



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