Apocalypse How: No Expectations


On one of the most powerful lessons we can learn is not to have too much expectation , that in a sense Expectation can be a form of limitation, meaning your expectations become a self fulfilling prophecy.

For example you can go around expecting everything to turn to shite , and with that kind of negative attitude the law of attraction kicks in and sure enough , universe listens and provides a continuous stream of problems … because that’s what you “Expect” …right ?

On the other hand the opposite can be true as well , you can be very positive , and you can map out goals and accomplishments and material things that you want and universe will do its best to fulfill your Expectations !

So why would you want to have no expectations , is it even possible for a human being on planet earth to walk around in this world and experience relationships with others with no expectations …hmmm …perhaps .. although I wonder how many of us can honestly say we have achieved that state of being… I know I can’t , even though I am aware of the idea,  the concept , and how it works, it’s a very challenging endeavor… so why is it so hard.

Perhaps it’s kind of built into the program , you know the one we are all running , called “The Human Being ” . So there is work to be done here for sure for  most of us  , but I do think the idea has merit and  is worth striving for, because in the end expectation is another form of judgement, and we definitely  need to work on that .

Right ? … Isn’t expectation a form of judgment,like judging what you think will happen or what we think possibly can happen , of not allowing things to unfold , without your knowing every little detail ! So how do we change this part of the program , how can we evolve to Human Beings 2.0 , or 3.0 … or whatever.

Well we can begin with surrender , and living from the heart instead of the ego , or physical mind , which is notorious for trying to figure it all out when it has absolutely no clue what is going to happen , so all it’s expectations are pointless anyway.

Its about becoming more holistic, more multi dimensional , less linear , less goal driven, moving from point A to Point B thinking, more about balancing the male / female energies, better integration of right and left brain thinking and so , again its about becoming a more integrated , unified being.

The practical application or benefit that I can see from removing as much expectations from your life as possible is that you will experience less disappointment , that’s the first step  ,expectation is the mother of all disappointment.

Plus … not having such rigid beliefs or expectations will lessen the amount of limitation we put on universe , it will lessen the restrictions that we create with our limited perceptions.

Remember … the best possible scenario of the perfect life that physical mind can come up with for us ,  is where higher mind is starting from ! , or another way to put it , what physical mind is perceiving as the best scenario possible , is simply a dim reflection of what higher self has in store for us , what higher self can lead us to if  we  just allow it, surrender to it , hard I know,  but that is the powerful  lesson here .

Higher mind  , can more easily maneuver us around the chess board when we are open and responsive to our instincts, our intuitions , our flashes of lucidity , our moments of clarity when we see our selves as infinite, beings , capable of absolutely  “Anything” , when we see our selves as universe , not separate from it ,when are free of disappointments and broken hearts.

When we simply allow ourselves the space , allow ourselves to be forgiven , allow ourselves to be blessed with synchronicity , joy and abundance of all kinds , then detailed expectations about what is going to happen when … become  unnecessary and are actually seen as an impediment to being happy , joyful.

We will get there , it takes an effort to over come the old programming , the old fears , the old feelings of lack and scarcity , once we understand that these are not ours, these are not our beliefs, these were given to us by someone else, or society , they are no longer who or what we are are .

Expectations in that sense  really are a form of insecurity , another by product of fear.

When we are truly secure in our ” knowing ” that we  are universe,and we are always supported ,that we are abundant , eternal  beings , then the expectations will fade.

Expectations are really a by product of fear from this perspective , in this context,  as all negative attributes are , as all lower vibrational states are.

So lets quite worrying, quit expecting , quit wondering what will happen , just practice the art of following your highest joy , by acting on what you can act on , that is most exciting , at any given moment , until you can act no further … then repeat !



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