Apocalypse How: Penney Peirce Part 2


Welcome to part two,  on the voice we call Penney Peirce … all I have to say… is … thank you Penney,  for all that you do !  You came at the right time for me ,us, to help us better understand, what is happening in “this “Moment” , the resonance factor is off the chart!

We are all effected by the energy of others , I’m sure you a have a boss ,a co worker or a family member who drives you crazy, perhaps they are  always in a bad mood ,  they seem to be trying to suck you into their madness, their black hole , or maybe it’s just someone in the car next to you and your picking up on their energy , the vibrational field that that emanates around them.

Likewise if you live in a big city with millions of people , the collective consciousness of all those people is emanating an even larger field that you can feel , that is tangible whether your aware of it or not, you know the feelings we all get , that can sometimes well up in each of us , and we wonder , where is this coming from , I was feeling fine yesterday , an hour ago, nothing has changed , now all of a sudden I’m anxious, I’m feeling anxiety.

And of course once we start to “resonate ” with that vibration , all of our own personal fears and insecurities start to come up , and then it begins to escalate , and of course we get all worked up ,all our buttons feel like they have been pushed, and then we end up dumping on someone else, usually those we love the most  ,  it’s a viscous cycle.

Does any of this sound familiar ?  Of course , we are all becoming more sensitive , more empathic , the material and spiritual worlds are becoming more similar, the veil is lifting between the physical and the non physical.

And with all of the madness , uncertainty and fear that is getting projected into the collective , it makes it even more challenging to stay focused , to stay in your power center, to stay in your “Home Frequency” as Penney Peirce talks about.

Penney has done a great job of articulating this process , of how to recognize your home frequency , and learning how to remain there,  no matter what the “circumstances”  are around you.

Like Penney says , more and more of us are realizing that we have the power to create the reality around us , and  what we put our attention determines what will manifest in our reality sphere  , so we may as well manifest things that bring us , joy , abundance and empower us , so we create a positive feedback loop , instead of a downward spiraling negative one.

The more we can stay in the expansion mode as opposed to the contraction mode, the more quickly we can expand our reality sphere , the more of the universe we can bring inside of us , which of course allows us to become more of who and what we are, which in turn allows us to project more of that positivity into the collective field , which in turn impacts the collective in a positive manner.

This is the feedback loop we want to cultivate, it requires a moment by moment diligence , to break the old habits , this is what will change the collective consciousness on this planet  from a fear based paradigm to a love based experience .

The fear based programs that are currently running , are designed to keep you oscillating between contraction and expansion , between love and fear , this polarizes the soul and keeps it working hard to recalibrate , the keys is understanding this and simply choosing not to allow the contraction to escalate , you see it , you catch it , and you simply decide , no I do not want that , I do not choose that , and watch how your life begins to explode with expansion!

So you see this how you change the world , it’s by being the change , not going around trying to impose your will on anyone else , it’s about allowing all things expression , it’s inclusion instead of exclusion.

That’s what Apocalypse How is all about , it’s about sharing with you the voices that have been helpful in my own journey , these voices are really ” Us” , we are a collective and an individuated aspect of all that is , and each of us has an important voice , an integral part to play in this co creation process.


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