Apocalypse How: Identity Crisis


People these days are struggling to find themselves , they are going through what is commonly called an ”  Identity Crisis ” , kind of a funny term , but you know the story , we have all been there.

You see Mom lost her job a while back , this economy is a killer of  identities , of course she’s been taking care of grandma all this time too, and she was spending more than she was making.

Finally she  lost her house to foreclosure a few months ago and now she has to move in with the kids , she just feels like she has lost her “Identity” lost her freedom.

Jim was a very successful sales person for a large tech manufacture, made a good living and had the America dream all wrapped up , then came the crash , the economy tanked , margins shrunk to nothing , and one day he wakes up and his profession for the last 20 years is gone, he’s a dinosaur, his chosen occupation … no longer exists !

This is happening all around the country and all over the world , maybe it’s universe’s way of giving us a slap in the face, a cold bucket of water over the head to wake us up, becasue when everything is going good and your ” Fat and Happy ” not much changes , at least not from a spiritual , self analysis perspective.

Nope ..when the cash is rolling in and your shopping for that new car, new house or the next electronic gizmo that you just have to have , you don’t have time to concern yourself with such nonsense.

But when it all comes crashing down , like it has for many who have suddenly seen the American dream turn into a nightmare, then things start to get interesting, for many there are more than a few “dark nights of the soul ” and suddenly you realize that you don’t really know who you are, outside of your prefab identity that you picked up along the way.

You see people become so ” Identified ” with who they are, with their persona , and the role they are playing , that  they completely forget ” what”  they are and “why”  there here.

You see ,  mom doesn’t know what to do now , all her life she has played the role of mom , Jim is lost , he used to be somebody in his eyes , a successful business man  , a good income earner ,a father ,  a pillar of the community , now he’s looking at the possibility of working fast food or the local box store just to keep the heat on , that kind of change does something to you.

It usually goes one of  two ways depending on just how identified you are with your human persona.

1.  If your a more expanded , enlightened individual , and you have belief systems that are malleable , more flexible , this will manifest as ” not ”  being so identified with your human existence , you will see yourself in the world , but not of it , you will see yourself as a spiritual being or infinite consciousness  having a human experience , or plaything the role of being human.

This perspective generally allows more connection to source and higher self, which allows greater influence from these sources , giving you greater insight , so that you can “Flow ” with the changes and universe will support you and you will remain in a state of abundance , and synchronicity will flow , putting you in the right place at the right times, allowing  you to weather the storm with a lot less pain an suffering and a bit more grace , remember pain and suffering are generally caused by not following your highest excitement out of fear , and fear is a lower vibration , which hampers your ability to tap into the very tools you need at these times .

.2  On the other hand if you are very rigid in your beliefs about yourself and the world , if you are very identified with your human role , your persona , if you see yourself as  “only ” Jim the salesman , if you actually ” believe ” that’s who “and ” what you are , then these times of the Apocalypse will definitely  be a wake up call . You will feel lost , confused, cutoff, wondering what happened , why is this happening to me !

Well here’s the deal “It’s Happening To All Of Us ” !   We are all going thorough our own individual mini Apocalypse !

The best way to deal with an “Identity Crisis ” is to surrender , let it all go , everything you thought you were, everything you thought would happen a certain way , let it go , let it go !

Nothing is the same anymore, the entire planet and consciousness itself is being updated, the code is being re written , what you were is no longer important , what you are in this moment , right now is all that matters, your state of being is all that “Matters” , so get a handle on it , rise above the old impulses , ride the crest of this energy wave as we cycle into the next vibratory state.

Learn to shift moment by moment , day by day , when you feel the old fears rise , and the old impulse to contract and lash out , do your best to just let it go , and focus on your joy , what you want to manifest in your life, even if you have to fake it for a bit , bite your tongue so to speak , do it ,  you want to get out of that vibratory pattern , all it does is create a self perpetuating feedback loop, it just as easy to create a positive feed back loop, it’s all physics , it’s all about the fundamental laws of nature, learn to use them to your advantage , especially now as the energy available for manifestation is increasing exponentially in this next cycle !

We are all going through an “Identity Crisis” right now , and that’s a good thing , universe uses everything as I am fond of saying , because it’s so true , every adversity has a silver lining , and with all of the economic,social, political and spiritual turmoil going on,  it is “Forcing ” us out of our complacency , which leads to exploration, expansion and awakening!



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