Apocalypse How: The Pain Body


One of the main aspects of the awakening process is integration. Integration to me is acknowledging that I am a multi dimensional being with many aspects or parts that make up the whole being , what we might call higher self the over soul and beyond.

The human body is essentially energy patterns that consciousness has created to experience physicality , so in that sense  the physical body is a type of thought form .

The Pain Body is also another type of thought form , I  first heard the term “Pain Body” used by Eckhart Tolle and I like the way he uses it to explore the idea of how there is an aspect of ourselves, a construct we have crated unconscionably , that stores all the pain we have suffered through out our life both physical and emotional.

From this persepctive we can recognize the pain body as  a separate entity with its own agenda , which of course at it’s root,  is survival at all costs , that is the agenda of all things in the world of form , they are all seeking energy , to stay alive , because they have no source energy of their own , with out source energy all form dissipates.

As we awaken ,  we become less identified with form , we become more present , and we understand that “We”  Are Source Energy”  “We”  breath life into “Things” or “Forms ”  with our attention .

From this level of awareness we can  begin to notice the energies of the pain body as a self created and self maintained  thought form , that we feed with our attention , we keep it alive , and only when we drag it into the light of presence can we begin to witness it as separate from our awareness ,from “What We Are”  …  now … we are becoming aware observers.

The practical application of “knowing”  the pain body is ultimately not “What ” you are is incredibly empowering and valuable in navigating the mind created reality that we find ourselves in on the earth plane , transmuting the pain body can end much of our suffering.

The Pain body is most noticeable in relationships , because we tend to trigger each others pain bodies, also known as pushing our buttons , and when this happens , we are in a very real sense giving energy to these constructs, they quite literally feed on us , or more accurately on the source energy we give them.

Someone who is very “Unconscious”  will have no recognition of this , they will simply be playing the role , feeding into it, oblivious to the fact they have been hijacked by the pain body, they have become their pain, and in many cases will actually seek their identity through their pain , we have all met people like this , they will be caught up  in their own personal , negative narrative ,telling you the same story over and over again … woe is me !

Of course at it’s worst incarnation the Pain Body will manifest as actual physical pain , illness or disease .

However as we become more expanded , as we exist more in “present moment awareness”  , we learn to differentiate “what” we are from “who”  we are, we begin to understand that the conditioned mind and all its programming is not what we are , and that includes the pain body.

So this is the beginning of healing the pain body or transmuting it as Eckhart Tolle is fond of saying, by being present , we no longer feed the pain body when it arises, we can acknowledge it exists , and accept it , but we no longer react to it , we no longer allow it to take over the present moment as it so often tries to do in it’s bid for survival !

Present moment awareness creates a sort of buffer or space , it is very difficult for the pain body to operate when we are present , when we are conscious  of it .

So next time your in a situation with someone and you feel your pain body being  activated for what ever reason , your buttons being pushed as we normally refer to it ,  I have found the best course of action , if your really serious about healing it , is to allow it to teach you by not reacting to it , in other words do the opposite , which is usually “NOTHING !

Don’t say anything , don’t do anything , just be present with the person , hug them if you can , or quietly let it go ! And over time you will notice the pain body dissolving , each time you do this it takes power and attention away from it , and like all constructs , if there is no support from source energy , which is Us , you and me , it will collapse.

This is exaclty what is happening on the collective level as well , there is a collective pain body ,  humanity has a collective pain body that acts the same as the individual pain body , but instead of lashing out and screaming  at some one ,or creating illness and disease ,  the collective pain body is killing humans by the millions via war , poverty , starvation , and  creating incredible destruction and pollution of mother earth …our gracious host.

So lets do the work , and deal with this , awakening is about taking responsibility and cleaning up the garbage we have created by our over identification with the conditioned mind and the pain body , this is the shadow work that we talk about , dealing with our dark aspects so that they don’t fester and build a life of their own that we become slaves to unconsciously, the pain body will find no fertile ground in a conscious humanity !


I have noticed that in the very beginning stages of this process , the pain body will feel very threatened so to speak and it may feel more pronounced as all the garbage is brought out into the light of day , the light of presence , so don’t be surprised by this , this is also happening in the collective , just look at the absolute insanity of the world right now.



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