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Guest Writer: Debi Purcell

How To Burn Fat, Feel Younger & Live  Longer – The Secoya Way Practicing Unconditional Love

Everyone I know wants to be strong, skinny, healthy, have more energy, better cardio & have less fat.  Oh and lets not forget about living longer. However how is that even possible with all of the misguided information being thrown in our faces everyday at every corner and Internet search?

The list goes on and on it makes me dizzy !  As an athlete myself  I’ve had a life time of researching and applying the right nutrients and foods & methods to help my cause and I’ve always stood by and still do say “whatever” works for your body do it.

We are all wired differently, so different things will work for different people.

Get over the vegan – non vegan thing, its really not your business to judge what someone else chooses to do or makes them feel healthier or stronger.

If I hear gluten free one more time I am going to rip out my eyeballs  (seriously) I’ve lost count of all the healers and their methods, not saying they cant be beneficial, however from my perspective here’s the deal.

I just returned back from spending time in the deep amazon with a indigenous tribe watching 90 + year old men who have smoked tobacco their whole lives climb tree’s with no ropes like they are 16, and 80 + year old women whacking down trees with machetes like they are 20.

I ate what they ate, did what they did, but mostly I just sat around beading necklaces, learned how to chop wood, watched them in awe and thought to myself what is their secret?

Sure they don’t eat the crap or chemicals we eat, they are so poor sometimes don’t even get a meal, but live on a diet of mainly rice, beans veggies and fish. Its not like they don’t have outside stress in their lives so that’s not it, after all the Chinese oil companies are tearing down their homes and destroying their beloved rainforest and way of life, so don’t even get me started on that.

What these elders and their families “do” all have in common is love, good pure unconditional love. They know how to love and laugh.

They work together helping each other, each person feels worthy doing what it is they are good at with no bother that they can’t be super humans being & doing “everything “ because everyone contributes what they can.

They love themselves and love each other & one of my favorite elders laughs at every damn thing “all” the time. Despite losing his wife to a snake bite and his only son dying in the river, or that a few years ago his home (four walls on stilts and a wood floor) was in the middle of the jungle and now has a road to his door, all so the oil companies can bring their trucks in to plunder & pillage.

I ask myself, why is he older then dirt and can out hike & seems younger & happier then me?

I laugh at most things as well, but I sure wasn’t laughing as my splintered red numb ass sat on a tiny board in a canoe 15 hours one way in the middle of the jungle,rain pouring down on me (think anaconda but worse) but he sure was. Smiling  laughing & smoking the entire way.

I thought to myself thank you my friend for giving me this precious gift, more precious then anything, reminding me to laugh at myself & love myself unconditionally so I’m able love others unconditionally.  WOW what a gift!

I have done their bland diets multiple times now and always come home in better shape, have better cardio,and I am at fight weight (without cutting) and although all of that is great, If I truly want to feel young, live longer, enjoy my health while I’m living in physical reality, all I really need to do is practice unconditional love,that’s the big secret that doesn’t come up on Google when you search health, fitness or healing.

I could eat ten cheeseburgers in a state of unconditional love and still be at higher vibrational frequency (lighter) then if I was in self loathing and hate, a lower vibrational frequency (heavier) and ate veggies all day long, not saying I’m going to do that but you get my point. The same applies to working out, or healers but by now your catching my drift.

The transition home for me has been a rough one, as I didn’t really want to leave that magical place, (if you call sleeping on the ground, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes ,using a hole in the ground as a potty… magical). Hell leaving was the first time I cried in years.

Coming home to my perfect life, my friends with their perfect lives’, perfect mates, perfect homes, cars & perfect children, and not seeing the happy loving smiles on everyone’s faces that I got used to, has been a huge culture shock to me.

I have been appreciating every little thing so much more, not because I saw how little they have, but because they taught me how much they actually “do” have & what’s truly important.

So I will say it one more time, if you want to heal yourself, be skinny, be strong be healthy, live longer or be a “true” champion practice unconditional love on yourself and others, learn to laugh at yourself, its fun you’ll be amazed at the results.

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