AH Guest Writer: Is There Such A Thing As Vibrational DIS-Harmony? Part 1

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Beverly Nadler, CH, CMT ©2014

The answer to that question is an absolute “Yes.”

The purpose of this 2 Part article is to shed some light on this seldom revealed fact of life, and give you some thoughts about the vibrations that could be inharmonious with you and your energy field.

Everything Is Energy In This 3-D World We Live In

The energy field that makes up our Universe is awash with vibrations – cosmic, solar, planetary and earth vibrations, vibrations of everything that has ever existed since the “beginning”… whenever that was.

We live in a sea of vibrations. Our bodies are made up of vibrating energy and our cells, organs and systems vibrate at different frequencies. Thoughts, feelings, beliefs – our own and everyone else’s — are vibrations of energy that radiate into the energy field in which we live, which is actually called “The Field.”

The clothes we wear, the foods we eat and drink, the air we breathe, the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, the chemicals we use and are exposed to, the equipment and technology we use — all are vibrational frequencies of energy. (The website you are currently on www.universal-laws.net is about energy and how the laws of energy impact upon every area of our lives.)

Humans have adapted to, and generally live in harmony with, natural frequencies. Since we are aware that many chemicals (which are vibrations of energy) are toxic, we take precautions when handling them. However, most people are not aware of the potential dangers caused by electrical energy fields.

Our nervous systems have been bombarded with frequencies from radar equipment, radio, television, power-lines, electrical household equipment and appliances for years, and many people (though not all) have apparently adapted to them.

However, the frequencies of the Internet, computers, cell phones (especially the newest versions), plus all the new apps, are causing many scientists much concern.

Much to my amazement – since I am in exceptional health and have no allergies – I have not adapted to these new frequencies. How do I know? Read on!

My “Story”…

I woke up one morning in March 2014 with excruciating burning pains in my hands and fingers – like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

After some reflection and research, I became aware of the cause: YEARS OF SPENDING HOURS ALMOST DAILY ON THE COMPUTER AND INTERNET.

It’s a scientific fact that many electromagnetic energy fields are not harmonious with human energy fields. Though not everyone has a health problem because of these vibrational frequencies, many people are suffering from undiagnosed and puzzling conditions that are either caused by, or complicated by, their use of the computer, the Internet, cell phones and other technology devices.

I am sharing my story — which is not exactly a “story,” because it’s the truth — in the hopes that other people will avoid the health challenges that can result from their DIS-harmony with EMF and EMR vibrational frequencies.

Over 15 years ago I had been told by several people who worked with energy and vibrations that my energy field and nervous system were not compatible with computers and the Internet.

This was confirmed a number of times since then, but I thought this was why I had so many technical problems. I did not realize it was affecting my health. Long before I had physical problems, I was aware that I often felt nervous and anxious when I was on the Internet, especially on social media and other “meeting” sites – so I avoided these sites.

I thought I could Reprogram Myself and “Correct” This

Because I knew computers and the Internet are necessary in today’s world, and these sites are very valuable for business and personal communication, I tried to “correct” this problem. I’m a Reprogramming Coach and successfully used my techniques to help heal myself from cancer in 1994, so I thought I could reprogram my mind to be compatible with the new technology, but my brain and nervous system refused to cooperate!

I was on my computer and the Internet for 10-12 hours and more, almost daily. Besides email, I was constantly researching and writing about the many different subjects related to health, nutrition, personal development and spiritual growth. When I think about this now, I wonder…did I know, at some unconscious level, that someday I would no longer be able to do this?

Was that why I felt so pressured to get my writing and teachings into my computer? I don’t know. What I do know, after reading a lot of scientific research, is this: I am very fortunate that I did not develop a serious neurological disease or a recurrence of cancer.

After the morning that I awoke feeling like the nerves in hands and fingers were on fire, I stopped using the computer for several weeks. As long as I maintain my healthy life-style and restrict my computer and Internet time, I’m fine. I consider it ironical, however, that someone who teaches and writes about energy and “vibrational harmony” has DIS-harmony with computers and the Internet, which are the tools of my work. But, as the saying goes, “that’s just the way it is.”

What are These Dis-harmonious Vibrational Frequencies?

The following initials and names — ELF (extra low frequency), EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), EMR (electromagnetic) radiation), RF (radio frequencies from wireless devices) — refer to the frequencies that are causing health challenges. In some cases these are serious illnesses, and most of the people who are affected are unaware that these frequencies are causing or contributing to their debilitated health. (NOTE: For simplicity, I am using EMF when I refer to these frequencies.)

Research on the dangers of cell phones has been widely published for years. I use my cell phone only in emergencies or when I am meeting someone and must communicate about our appointment.

Many people spend most of their days, when not on their computer, on their cell phone. Apparently they are either oblivious to this research or simply don’t care. (My website www.breakthroughhealth.net has several articles about the dangers of cell phones.)

The dangers of computers and the Internet, however, have not been widely published and distributed, even though most of our life now — personal, professional, business, medical, etc. — is pretty much controlled by this technology.

There are a number of links at the end of Part 2 of this article, and the first one is to a PDF of a Report by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM). The AAEM has been studying the effects of the environment on human health for over 50 years. The reported adverse affects from these electromagnetic frequencies are serious.

I suppose the less serious are headaches, dizziness, tremors, cognitive effects, decreased memory, and sleep disturbances – unless you happen to have these symptoms.

The more serious health challenges range from brain tumors, cancer, nervous system dysfunction, reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, gene mutations, kidney damage, developmental defects and degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS.

There is so much research that the PDF Report, which is only 4 pages, has a bibliography that is an additional 3 pages!

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