Apocalypse How: The Heart

The Heart is at the very heart of the Apocalypse ! The more you can learn what it means to live from the heart the more synchronicity will flow through and around you.

The idea is not to fight your ego , its there for a purpose , its a tool needed for survival in physicality,but let it know most assuredly that it is not in control , of anything.

This can only be done while living “From” the heart. What this means is to allow yourself to live from love without expectation of the way you “Think” things should be.

Realize the Heart truly is intelligent and conscious, remember the brain can be completely dead from a purely medical perspective and the body can still technically be alive, what does that tell you.

It tells you life emanates from the Heart not the brain. Imagine our hearts sending signals to each other , independent of our brains, at the speed of light , literally bathing the planet and each of us in thisĀ  electromagnetic field.

We are quite literally immersed in each others heart beats. Remember this when dealing with each other , especially in these times, and tread lightly, and with compassion and forgiveness, these are Heart Virtues.

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