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Of course, EMF, ELF, RF, etc. frequencies are not the only vibrational frequencies that we can be inharmonious with. Food allergies represent inharmonious frequencies, as do seasonal allergies. Sensitivities to certain scents (perfumes and even essential oils) are not uncommon.

You can also have inharmonious frequencies to some of the people in your life. It’s not just a matter of “I don’t like that person” – their vibrations may actually be inharmonious with yours.

However, this article is specifically about electromagnetic frequencies, and their effect on our health. There are so many toxins and chemicals in our food, air, water and environment that are impacting negatively on our health, and this health challenge is one that has been pretty much ignored. It’s important to know that it exists because computers, the Internet, cell phones, IPads, etc., are here to stay, and new apps are being created even as I write this.

I will tell you how I avoided serious neurological damage, and more importantly to you, what you can do to protect yourself.

Not Convinced These Frequencies Are a Problem?

Read the following excerpts from a message by a respected doctor, Robert J. Rowen, MD:

“I’ve maintained for years that cell phones and other EMF (electromagnetic fields) devices, including your home’s electrical system, have a terrible impact on your body.

Scientists from Sacramento, California have discovered that EMF gets absorbed into your central nervous system and generates a voltage. In particular, they studied the spinal cord. They report that the spinal cord acts as a “natural receptor antenna” for incident EMF. Such EMF generates enough voltage in the spinal cord to cause damage, possibly breaking down the blood-brain barrier. And this degeneration can lead to a large variety of diseases, including dementia.

Your central nervous system was one of the first EMF devices. Your brain puts out EMF in the form of brain waves. The laws of physics tell us that bathing the central nervous system in such fields will affect its own fields, and its ability to generate those fields. That means it will impact how well your brain functions.”

As disturbing as these findings are, there is more shocking research in the AAEM Report. As new technology and electronic equipment and devices become part of our life, we suffer health consequences if our energy field and nervous system can’t adapt to the frequencies.

How I Avoided Serious Neurological Damage

I believe that in spite of my incompatibility with the frequencies of the computer and Internet, I was able to spend endless hours researching and writing for years without damage (until that day in March) because I

• get frequent chiropractic adjustments to balance my nervous system

• eat organic and natural whole foods, and very few processed foods

• meditate, pray and do yoga

• visualize and affirm health and well being

• release negative programs, beliefs, patterns and emotions from my subconscious and conscious mind

• take a unique anti-aging natural food supplement daily that strengthens my immune system, detoxifies my body, and much more

• have devices for protection on my home phone, cell phone and computer, and a pendant for protection.

So WHY am I not “protected?” you may ask. According to kinesiology (muscle) testing, I am “protected.” Without my healthy life-style and these devices I would have had health problems long ago. However, I’ve had too much exposure to EMF frequencies for too many years for my nervous system – and the years of hours on the computer and Internet were “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Fortunately, once I recognized the problem, I recovered by staying away from the computer for a few weeks, getting extra chiropractic adjustments, temporarily increasing the food supplement referred to above, and adding MSM for pain relief. In case you’re not familiar with MSM (I wasn’t), it’s an inexpensive SAFE supplement available in health food stores that relieves the pain of, and may even help heal, many conditions. (Instead of taking drugs for pain, like Tylenol or Advil, which have serious side-effects, take MSM.)

How Can YOU Protect Yourself?

• Reduce your exposure by not keeping a cell phone close to you, and modify your use as much as possible.

• Remove yourself as far as possible from a transmitter.

• Turn off WiFi (Internet) when you are not using it.

• Turn off your computer when not using it.

• Learn the dangers of EMF frequencies and the effect they have on your neurology, so you are convinced of the seriousness of this health challenge.

• Adapt a healthy life style. Read about and take the natural anti-aging supplement I refer to. (Link is below – Health Report #1)

• MOST IMPORTANT – Use protective devices. Below are links to devices I use and recommend.

Links for EMF/EMR Information and Protection

Link to download PDF Report by American Academy of Environmental Medicine on EMF dangers (a MUST read!) – Dangers of EMF Radiation

Links for the BEST protection devices on the market! I’ve known the ethical owner of this company for over 25 years. You’ll find a lot of information about these frequencies on these pages.

Cell Phone Protection

Computers, Tablets, Large Cellphones

Personal EMF-EMR Protection

Additional Links

Link to Health Report #1 – about the extraordinary anti-aging natural supplement I use: Strengthen-your-immune-system now

Link to Health Report #2 – about another frequently overlooked cause of disease: Astonishing Discovery – a major cause of disease revealed

Link to: Valuable Resources. This NEW section on my website has my favorite Resources for Health Information, Health Products, Personal Growth, and Spiritual Growth and Consciousness. Because there are millions of sites in each of these categories, I spent months putting this site together in order to simplify your search for reliable information and excellent products.

Link to “Are the Computer and the Internet Making You Sick?”
http://tobtr.com/s/6461427 – on “Joyce Barrie & Friends” World Wide Radio Show

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