Apocalypse How: Triangle Craft

There seems to be a modern upgrade to the typical saucer shaped craft that has been the Icon for UFO’s for so many decades. The triangle shaped craft is giving the flying saucers a run for their money these days.

Perhaps the saucer shaped crafts , were from one type of visitor , a particular race , with a particular vibration, and since we are changing , we are no longer in resonance with them , at least not to the extent we used to be.

The idea of extraterrestrial craft of any kind , is in a sense  a personal journey, first you have to be able to conceive of the idea , of the concept, you have to believe it’s possible , before you can even experience it ,  remember you can not perceive that which you are not the vibration of.

Much like the natives of the new world who could not see the large wooden sailing ships that glided  into the harbor , why , because they could not “conceive” of them,  therefore they could not “perceive” them. Remember higher mind conceives , physical mind perceives .

Later on as time passed , as the indigenous peoples acclimated to the  idea of the white man and his technologies , they could of course begin to incorporate them into their consensus reality.

The same thing is occurring , right now , as the human population awakes from their slumber , many of us  are growing , and expanding , we are no longer asking …are we alone ? … we are asking …when can we meet you face to face ?

Of course wanting to meet face to face and being ready are two different things , which is why they take it slowly, little by little , first a glimpse , then a little closer, sometimes while we are sleeping, other times we simply don’t remember.

The process of preparing for interaction with  ” The Others”  is a personal journey , it has nothing to do with “”Disclosure Projects” , or groups , or clubs, it has much more to do with cleaning your own inner house, doing the shadow work on your self  , so that when you do meet with them , their higher vibrational energies will not adversely effect you or bring out aspects of yourself that you are still not comfortable  with , any fear that arises will be coming from within, it’s about meeting them half way.

There are a few variations of the typical triangle craft sightings , but there does seem to be something about the triangle , the pyramid , that is very resonate when it comes to the whole ET phenomenon. It is a very powerful symbol for consciousness.

One is simply lights in a triangle formation , sometimes they move  around independently and end up forming a triangle, each light could best be described as an orb, very similar to the plasma orb sightings, that many , including myself  have been experiencing .

The others can be described as an actual Triangle shaped craft , usually described as a black in color sometimes with lights in each point in the triangle.

Bashar , a being that is channeled by Darryl Anka , tell us his craft are black and in the shape of a unilateral triangle, so triangular shaped craft are definitely  part of a meme as we explore the idea of extraterrestrials and their ships.

And of course the grandaddy of all triangular shaped craft phenomenon was the Phoenix Lights , which Bashar says was the Shalanaya or Those who will come first , well I say lets do this , lets reach out with our hearts and greet them,there is nothing to fear !

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