Bashar Phenomenon: Masters Of Limitation

We are the Masters of Limitation.  You and I have chosen to participate in a “grand experiment” that we call physicality, the human race  the human condition , and mother earth has graciously given us a place , a stage , to let it  “ALL”  play out.

We have chosen , as infinite consciousness, as infinite beings , to insert ourselves, into a reality , a situation,  where we have completely forgotten who and what we are, where we have come from , and we are just now starting to figure out where we might be going.

As you go about your day , never forget this , with every disappointment , with each new challenge and adversity, “Know” , you are up for the task , becasue we are Masters and this is a Masters Course, never forget it .

Imagine God Beings , deciding to give up all their powers so to speak , and making themselves mere mortals , mere flesh and blood animals , with short life spans , easily killed or injured, capable of  unspeakable pain and suffering.

Why would we do this , why would we want to put ourselves through this ?  The answer is simple , becasue we can , becasue we “are” infinite, becasue we are “fearless” , because we are  god beings, becasue “we are universe”.

We are so limitless , we can put ourselves in a situation that mimics incredible limitation.  Yes that is the paradox, and nothing is more intriguing to an omnipotent being than a really good paradox.

Our omnipotent brothers and sisters  around the universe watch in amazement , excitement and perhaps a bit of envy as we dive deeply into a self created void where all connection to source “seems” lost, of course it never is.

In this grand play , we love , we struggle , we war, we destroy , we create. Time is cherished as if it actually exists and we mourn those that die and are set free.

But what are we really morning , perhaps we are jealous, perhaps we wish we could join our lost loved ones, and return back to our true nature, surely some of us are in over our head, wishing we had read the brochure more carefully before we set off.

So each day never forget this , rejoice in it , and know that we are “Masters of Limitation” !

Make each moment a work of art , and each day a reflection of your highest joy, and know when things get tough , that’s what we came here for !

So if your feeling a bit down today let Bashar boost your spirits , from his perspective we are “Extraordinary”!

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