Apocalypse How: Keep Holding the Vibration !


If you truly want to experience real change in your life…hold the vibration ! Hold the vibration of your highest excitement and never look back , never let go , no matter what the outer circumstances!

Refuse ! … to be a slave to the old impulses , do the opposite of how you would normally respond , break the old patterns and your reality will mirror this new you , this new presence ..this new awareness , this new vibration …and you will shift to version of reality more in alignment with , more in resonance with who and what you truly wish to be.

The world will never change , only you can change , the world and you are inseparable, they are one and the same …Hold the vibration !

The greatest challenge while exploring the wilderness of materialism is not getting caught up in the drama , if you can simply be the aware observer , the witnessing presence, and understand that nothing has built in meaning, everything plays double duty , what ever brings you happiness can also bring you pain in the world of form.

It’s up to us to give it meaning, if we give life a positive meaning we will get a positive experience out of it, but it requires discipline, discernment …responsibility for the creation of our individual lives and the co creation of our collective realities.

However …once you master “Holding the Vibration¬† regardless of outer circumstance … watch out !¬†¬† Watch your life, your reality transform itself , this is where most people get lost.

They do it for a while then when they don’t see the outer world change , when they don’t see any change in the reflection, the give give up , they back slide , back into there old patterns which simply reenforces the old vibration.

If you are at least aware enough to have broken free from your story , the egoic mind , your next challenge is to simply “Hold The vibration, follow your excitement , it holds the key !

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