Apocalypse How: I Believe I Can Fly


As we continue to awaken from our slumber , we start to see that there really is no difference between what we call dreams and the grand dream we call life, physicality is just another type of dream another type of reality experience.

And just as we can learn to fly in our nightly adventures , so can we here on earth as well , albeit metaphorically.  If your like many of us , the flying meme has become more common lately , even more so than usual.

I believe this is because we really are learning how  to fly now  , learning to soar , we are letting go of outdated beliefs and definitions that no longer serve us and we are spreading our individual and collective wings and taking off from the limitations we have created , we are freeing ourselves from the weight of our self created baggage , we have become lighter , more buoyant , like a  ball in the water , the deeper , you push it down , the further it will pop up when you let it go, our negative beliefs have been pushing us down for a very long time !

Last night I was participating in  a flying training camp for human beings ,it was in a country setting , with large open fields mixed with forested areas , the sun was shining , a few puffy clouds in the sky and as we launched ourselves into the sky , there was no limit to how high one could go , the only limitation was self imposed, based on your beliefs.

For newbies , the  first trick to getting off the ground is simply believing it is possible , being an old hand at the flying  , I have taken many journeys , some have taken me to other dimensions , traveling at infinite speeds  , to some of the most beautiful , indescribable scenery I have ever seen ,   however last night was a bit different , instead of a solo journey , it was a collective experience, and even though I knew how to fly , others were just learning and so there was sharing of experiences, there was a comradery between us as we all shared in the experience of  learning to fly .

As we took a break and talked , I noticed some faces I recognized , some I didn’t’, one was the face of  Tommy Lee Jones,I often wonder why the occasional celebrity persona show up in our experiences , there must be some resonance , although I can’t think of any at the moment.

However,  as we all stood around and talked about the process of letting go , about how our beliefs were effecting our ability to fly , It was if I was learning  how to fly again , as if it was my first time , and I was ” learning ” that it was beyond beliefs  , that all beliefs are  in some sense are a type of limitation , and that it was more about  knowing instead of thinking or believing   ,it was  about ” being ” instead of doing … difficult to put into words for sure.

And as I finally made it off the ground , I looked below as others were leaping about , some still earth bound , others were cruising just above the green fields  , others were making their way higher , and we were ” all learning to fly”  , and I wanted to soar even higher , so I closed my eyes and went into a standing spin, arms spread wide open , and I shot upwards , and as I looked below , I could see,  I was leaving the others behind.

At that point I knew I should return , and go back and work with ,and  be part of , the experience  below , as we all need each other to help lift us off the ground  , and so I flew lower , among the others , encouraging them to simply “know ” that they could fly , that it was beyond beliefs, to simply be , that which they already are !

I believe this is representative of where we are right now in this moment , the human race has been on a long journey , a long period of self imposed limitation so that we could learn incredible , valuable lessons of  Co Creation , that we share with the rest of the cosmos, and through the process of going so far into the darkness , feeling so cut off from source, when we finally let go as we are doing now , we will experience something unprecedented in all of creation , we will be catapulted , we will soar , we will fly , higher than the human race has ever  done before , this is our choice , my choice.

And some time later in the present moment , we will no longer incarnate on earth , we will leave it for others to use , for their journey , and we will be their angels, their guides, their higher beings , and so the process of evolution and expansion of consciousness continues …eternally !

I Know … I can Fly ! Check out the beautiful souls below as they Fly !

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