Apocalypse How: The Living Template

There is a Template ,  there is way of ” Being ” that creates fertile ground for expansion and growth , it is not something you do , it is something you become , it is truly a “State of Being ” , that allows you to transcend the consensus reality, to be in the world but not of it .

The Template is what all the great masters have tried to teach humanity  , their message was not to “Follow Me ” , they were not trying to collect followers, their message was always to ” Be Like Me  ” they were trying to inspire leaders , by being a living template , by holding the vibration , the resonance of the complete Holistic , Angelic …Human !

We are in a period now where the process of integration , and the expansion of consciousness is propelling us further towards becoming living templates , the more of us that become living templates of this more refined energy , the more changes we will see in the field around us , and the collective consciousness , the consensus reality ,  it’s a self perpetuating feedback loop.

Being a living template is how you can take a proactive step in changing the world , although you are not really changing ” The World ” out there , you are changing your world , your universe with in you , and what you see is simply a reflection of that inner change.

The physical Human body is a powerful transmitter receiver of source energy , we are all immersed in each others field , however … much of the population is cut off from source, not becasue they are actually cut off, becasue they “believe”  they are, their beliefs act like wet blankets , like layer upon layer of calcification ,  like layer upon layer of skin so thick that there is no longer any feeling.

They can neither send nor receive anymore becasue of all the baggage that is blocking their transmitter receivers, we create our own prison walls , and we can break them down.

So the process of becoming a living template is the process of peeling away the layers , scraping away the build up of  beliefs that no longer serve you , the definitions that place limitations on who and what you are, the human race are masters of limitation , now its time to simply be masters.

Someone who is a living template has removed these layers of lies, removed the baggage, so they can properly receive the infinite source energy that is available to them , and then conversely  project that back out into the universe , as opposed to projecting garbage out into the field , which is what many are doing now , hence the state of world affairs.

So here are some practical ways you can start the process of breaking down your prison walls , scraping off the build up , removing the blinders , it’s easy as one, two three !

.1  Understand that everything is a reflection , we are universe , there is no out there , everything is happening within our consciousness.

.2 We are both individuate and collective consciousness , we have individual and personal experiences that are interwoven within a larger collective consciousness or consensus reality experience .

.3  Everything ” you experience ” is filtered by “your” beliefs and definitions !

Check out the books below on The Living Template !

Please check out these ” Template ” videos from  The Template.org , below , they are absolutely “Brilliant” and evoke awakening in those who are ready , and eager for expansion and becoming a “Living Template ” .

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