Apocalypse How: Learning To Love The Process


What happens when you are done with ” The Process”  … well … you die!   OK … just having fun here of course , but the idea is that the process of living , leaning and growing is the reason we are here in the first place, you could even say it’s the reason we as individuated aspects of all that is … exist .

Of  course life is challenging , living on planet earth is not for the weak , it’s a masters course , there are probably beings throughout the cosmos that are watching , thinking , do I want to take that ride, it looks like fun , but why would I knowingly cut my self off from source or even pretend to… what the …hell.

The reason of course is for “The Process” of expansion and exploration of all that is.  Here in physicality , the vibration is relatively slow , so when we want something to happen , like wanting someone in your life , or a nice car or house , there is a process that we go through.

In non physical realities  , we can manifest  things instantaneously, like in our dream states , when we think about something ,  it simply appears , manifestation is instantaneous , there is no real process  , for example in lucid dream experiences we can create whole realities with people , places and events at the speed of thought , this I believe is representative of our natural state of “being”  .

In physical reality , the process is ” much slower”  , vibrationally , which gives us a unique opportunity to experience all the subtle nuances associated with creating our own reality , it’s rather like slow motion. For example wanting a home in physical reality encompasses a ” Whole” lot of process !

If you are not born rich , it requires that you figure out how you are going to make the money to buy the house, which sets you on a path of figuring out how you are going to make the money and create the abundance in your life to be able to buy the house  , and so life unfolds , like they say , life is what happens while your busy making plans.

In non physical reality , you would simply want the house and it would appear , you would walk in , and it would all be furnished and ready to go and when you walked away and forgot about the house and moved on to another idea it would vanish , and your next thought would appear , so the idea of process is non physical reality is of course different.

Because of the slow vibrational nature of physicality , everything is a process , even eating , the food needs to be purchased , grown or bartered for , and then cooked and prepared , put into your mouth , tasted and chewed and swallowed, the body then has to go through the process of digesting and extracting the nutrients and eliminating the waste, every aspect of  life in physicality is one process after the next , every moment we are processing data , and going through the process experiencing that data through the filter of our beliefs and definitions , which we created by yet another process.

Of course there will be events in your life that will cause you to have to go through ” processes ”  that your not exactly creating or wanting , for example when a loved one dies,  that’s not a goal or a desire that you are trying to manifest in your life , yet it is still a process that you will go through , along with your own transition , so there is no escaping  “The Process” , while here in physicality.

So it’s probably a good idea to Learn to Love The Process , if your not loving the process , your probably not enjoying life all that much , it may seem like life is a draaagggg … way too slow … there will be lots of anxiety , impatience and frustration as everything seems to be taking for ever and you feel like just giving up , like it’s never going to “happen” .

So how does one learn to enjoy the process more and more ?

Surrender : Surrender to the process of being a human , your here , so you must have chosen to be here,  even if you don’t remember doing so , the evidence is that your are here , so you may as well make the best of it .

Appreciation:   Appreciate what you have , quit focusing on what you don’t have , know that universe is infinitely abundant  otherwise you wouldn’t even exist .

Empathy : Know we are all going through this process , and have compassion for others as they go through theirs.

Understanding : Understand that life doesn’t have to be hard, if you let , go , surrender , allow higher self to guide you on your journey , the process will become more enjoyable , and you will look forward to the process, you will enjoy the journey  , instead being focused on the destination , the goal .

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