Free Energy: The Alternative Energy Solution


We have all heard the term “Free Energy” over the last 20- 30 years and yet , here we are still paying for energy.  What does free energy even mean.

Any device that could potentially generate this so called Free Energy , would not  be free.

The companies doing the research and building the prototypes and bringing them to market , must show a profit at some point , they are all ruled by profit.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with fair exchange and profiting from your hard work , we just need to come up with another name for it . Perhaps , “Alternative Energy” is the more accurate term we hear these days.

It would be a major paradigm shift to have a zero point energy device on the market , most of us would jump at the opportunity to buy one , becasue it would free us is so many ways.

Having experienced life during power outages like many of us have , especially this year , it is crystal clear how vulnerable our power grid is to all sorts of natural and man made events.

Everyone having there own power source would greatly add to redundancy and eliminate the disruption and loss of productivity these events bring, not to mention removing the power of the few and giving it to the many, the age of kings is ending .

Many of us are now familiar with the story of  Tesla and how JP Morgan ruined him financially , effectively shelving Tesla’s technology so that  we got stuck with am electrical system that enriches those at the very top.

And this story has played out ever since , so here we are,  in the 21st century using 19th century technology, burning fossil fuels , cables running around on wooden poles , or worse nuclear reactors creating waste that we have no idea what to do with.

If you look at the big picture , and the fact that we are an oil based society , energy wise, its becomes obvious that until we come up with and alternative power source , nothing much will change, as far as the geo , political , economic  control systems.

The technologies exist, we just need to get the old guard out of the way , these old families, bloodlines that have been in control for so long need to get out of the way, there time is over .

In the coming years as “The Powers That Were” finally loose their grip , and the old paradigms and constructs fall apart due to the fact that we simply no longer believe in them or support them , these alternative energies will make their way into our daily lives .

And this is when things will really begin to take off for humanity.  We will see the death of the Petro Dollar at some point , one would hope anyway, and while at first it might be painful there will be systems in place , remember universe is self organizing.


Below is an exciting discussion with Sterling Allen about the top alternative energy technologies poised to be there when this paradigm shift occurs, and it will , at least in the version of reality that I’m in alignment with , that I support. How about you , take some time to listen and feel the ” Energy ” !


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