Apocalypse How: The Orbs Part .1

For me the story of the Orbs all started in the summer of 2009 . It was a beautiful evening in mid June in the Pacific North West . As the sun began to set over the ocean , we could start to see some of the first stars appear in the late evening sky.

It cools off quick near the coast where we live , so I fired up the heater we have on the deck that allows us to star gaze at night in relative comfort , we usually back that up with a good hot cup of coffee so we can stay alert and warm.

As everyone settled into their reclining chairs to gaze up at the sky , I immediately noticed a very bright star , that was very low on the horizon that I hadn’t seen just 30 seconds ago when I last gazed in that direction , at first I just thought it was a star or planet that had appeared as it was getting darker , but that didn’t make sense becasue I just looked there a second ago.

At this point I started to get out of the chair and grab my binoculars , to see what it was , as I walked toward the table to get them , I was also watching the star , and to my amazement , it looked like it was moving !

Sure enough , I could tell it was moving becasue of it’s relationship to the trees on the horizon , I could feel the adrenaline hit my system as the butterflies started flying around in my stomach , what was it , as I reached for the binoculars , everyone else had just seen it as well and wanted an update ASAP !

When I looked through the Binoculars , what I saw sent the butterflies into a frenzy , It did not look like anything I have ever seen , it was very low on the horizon , just above the treeline of a small hill that is across the lake form us , it looked like a very bright moving star , however being very familiar with the night sky and knowing what stars and satellites look like , this clearly was neither.

Then real excitement started to set in , everyone was standing now , all binoculars were aimed at the object, which incredibly was heading straight for us , it was literally going to fly right over our property , and becasue of its trajectory , it just kept getting larger , speed and movement were hard to judge.

At about 1-2 minutes after the initial sighting,  the object was almost directly above the small hill across the lake , it was now clearly visible through the binoculars as simply a very bright white light , spherical in shape  , my very fist impression was that it was like “Plasma” ,  that it was intelligently directed ,that it was organic in nature, not a craft in conventional terms , it made no noise at all , it was …incredible , beautiful.

We were all very excited now , none of us had “ever” seen anything like this , after years of watching the night sky through telescopes and binoculars , this was extraordinary .

At about 3 minutes after the initial sighting , the object was almost directly over our property , it was still light outside , there was plenty of light on the western horizon where the sun had set only 30 minutes ago.

We were all up now,  walking around the property , our coffees left on the table and getting cold quickly  ,all of us  pointing  to the sky in amazement  of what we were witnessing , like natives in the jungle who just saw an airplane for the first time in their lives , starry eyed and jumping around , like monkeys.

Of course I was trying my best to enjoy the experience while at the same time try and get as much detail as possible about , speed, direction,  altitude … mostly I just stared up into the evening sky and marveled at this , amazing , wondrous , beautiful …thing .

At almost 5 minutes , the object finally disappeared behind the tree behind our house, sometimes visible through the branches as it cruised along , slowly , silently .

And so … this was the beginning of the story of  “The Orbs ” .

I called it an “Orb” because I couldn’t think of any other way of describing it , of course we also began to anticipate , and expect their visits during our nightly coffee breaks to watch the stars , , so humorously we started calling ourselves the ” Orb Society ” , of course it’s not much of a society or group , mostly just us and the dog and some neighbors looking for cheap entertainment .

In part .2 of  “The Orbs ” I will describe subsequent visits and share videos that I have taken that document this amazing phenomenon .

After several more visits in 2009 , I was very intrigued and wanted to see if  I could document these nightly visitors , the video below was taken in 2010 , and we got some good footage , since these objects are pretty slow the videos can seem a bit long , this one is almost 3 minutes , we probably watched the object for at least 5 minutes

Check out these books below on Orbs !

In the video below  you can fast forward to around 2:19 , this is where it goes behind the trees behind our house, I looped it a couple times becasue it looked so cool , however if you take the time to watch the whole video you will notice other , very small objects, moving in the back ground , these are satellites , way up in orbit , the Orb seemed to be only a couple thousand feet up , however with out knowing its size , its hard to determine exactly, please excuse the music , I just wanted to give the video a little pizazz.

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