Shift Report: Ebola,Hamas,Immigration,Ukraine and Argentina's Default



I woke up this morning , found myself still on planet earth, and I had to laugh…again. When we talk about shifting billions of times per second , from parallel reality to parallel reality , one has to wonder why it takes so long for the outer world to change.

Of course the outer world never really changes does it , just like people never really change , the outer world or what we call reality is simply a static frame, on a infinite film strip , within a multiverse of film strips.

The illusion of change is us shifting through these frames as we travel the cosmos. And as the cosmic “B” movie plays out here on planet earth the only way one can actually see change is to be the change.

By shifting your vibration , by examining your definitions and choosing those that serve you , by not over identifying with your role , your life story , your thoughts , by becoming present , acknowledging , knowing , that you are simple the witnessing presence , you slowly start to unravel yourself from the matrix of physical reality, to the point that …yes…when you read the morning headlines, all you do is laugh.

At this stage of the game you are in the world but not of it as they say.

There is no more over  identification anymore with the world of form , you see it for what it is an illusion , a type of dream , a mind created collective experience, a carnival ride for infinite consciousness to explore.

So as I sipped my coffee , and read about  Ebola,Hamas,Immigration,Ukraine and Argentina’s Default and the other myriad of insane and nonsensical “Stories” that are playing themselves out on the “Big Screen” what I see is a construct that is representative of a collective mind that is … insane.

They say a sane person will appear insane , in an insane world and this is how many of us probably appear to those who are completely awash in the “Collective Cool Aide “.

The divide and conquer meme is still strong and working well on the masses here in the 21st century , perhaps better than ever with the advanced communications we have these days, however there is also a growing awareness within consciousness that know its all BS !

What I have realized in my shifting , is that the greatest change we can experiencing is within ourselves, in our own personal universe .  Here is a little secrete… there is no out there.

Everything is a reflection of our own individual beliefs and definitions, everyone is experiencing there own version of reality , and all reality , all experiential reality is a type of illusion , a construct , a dream…presence , the witnessing presence , infinite consciousness is what we actually are , the quiet stillness of all that is , this is our true nature, all the clatter and noise is just us playing with form , creating, manifesting purely for the fun of it , we are already all that is and ever will be!

So contrary to my title , I have no opinion on current events, no agenda , no stake at all in what is happening out there, because ultimately it doesn’t matter!  Only state of being matters !

In the beginning of the awakening process if we have to call it that , yes there is a tendency to get caught up in these things , however over time , when one truly becomes presence , an aware observer,  neither judging or identifying with anything, this stage does pass.

So hopefully you didn’t read this to find out about Ebola,Hamas,Immigration,Ukraine or Argentina’s Default, if you did then you may have found this all very boring, and that’s OK ….you cannot perceive that which you are not the vibration of…so keep on shifting .

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