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INTEGRITY    By Debi Purcell

So today is International Integrity day.

Why you might ask? Thank you I will tell you.  Because I decided I wanted a new holiday to celebrate lol. Although of course everyday is Integrity day, but I’m just saying……..

I have been thinking a lot lately about what integrity means to me, as I am completely sure that in this time we are living in personal integrity is the key to everything I want to experience in my reality!

I am not writing this to judge anyone else on what integrity means to them, how could I, as integrity means something different to each & every one of us.

It’s that tiny little voice inside, whispering and sometimes  screaming – Hey you do this or go that way… Sometimes we ignore it, and sometimes we are not even aware of it, but it’s a built in mechanism we all have.

It means act as if there are people and beings watching at every moment, even though we think were alone – Ok granted I often times act like a fool when people are watching me, but anyway but you get my point.

It means not being a people pleaser or holding anything inside, so we do not outwardly push our resentment’s or garbage back to anyone or into the collective universe.

It means holding ourselves accountable for each & every thought, deed, and action & taking responsibility for ourselves – regardless of circumstance

It means not manipulating people into doing things for personal gain or benefit just because its easy or we can.

It means knowing that we are all connected and anything we do or don’t do for another effects us the same as it effects them.

It means being truly honest with self so we can be honest with everyone else.

It means following through with things we say we will do, even if we don’t like it and knowing next time we can always choose something different learning from that lesson.

It means doing ONLY things that excite us regardless what anyone thinks, but taking others into consideration during the process.

Integrity is NOT about being altruistic or morals,. it means listening to that inner voice  (heart  which never lies) & knowing the difference between our own right and wrong, taking action & following it no matter where it may seem to lead or how it looks on the outside.

It means if there are two chairs a uncomfortable one and a comfortable one and having  a choice to take either (with no one watching). taking the uncomfortable one so a friend can have the other.

It means paying the bill when we can, regardless if everyone else is pinching it down to the last penny, but doing it gladly without resentment or judgment. It means NOT letting someone pay the bill even though they are always offering, just because we know they will or can afford it,.

It means giving gifts when & how we want, not because it’s a certain day or holiday, but because we are giving from the heart, not because its expected.

It involves spending time with friends who may not be attractive, intelligent or even be all that nice but because we love their heart, instead of only spending time with people who can do something for us or make us look better for knowing them.

It means being original, having our own ideas and not taking or using other peoples.

It means doing the right thing when no one is watching.

It means giving people credit when they deserve it (or don’t)even if we don’t have to.

It means building people up, even if they are tearing us down.

But most of it all mean’s not judging anyone else when they are acting out of integrity with self & giving them unconditional love & compassion instead.

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