Apocalypse How: Acceptance Of What Is



Acceptance of what is … anything less is a form of insanity.  I know …many people take that the wrong way , their monkey mind says what do you mean just except what is , how can you ever expect to make any real change in the world.

Well here is my perspective on this , it’s not an answer , just my perspective . you see humans all around the world are going around making changes , all kinds of changes and yet look at the world , what have the all the changes brought us.

Physicality is all about change , it’s in a constant state of flux , as the saying goes, the only thing that’s constant  is change. In our short human life spans , we are here for only a few seconds when compared to the age of Earth , the stars , the universe , yet everyone takes these lives so seriously as if they are so very important.

And to that I have to laugh , yes “everything”  has relative importance, but not absolute importance.

The witnessing presence is important because it is all that is , it is a fractal of  of the one , however the personality , the ego , the mind with it’s life stories ,life  situations , material things , these are all just the content within presence, props to be used in the play of life , as we perform , as we play our roles.

So yes play with life, play with form , but “know” it is not of absolute importance , because in a very short while , 5 years , 10 years , 50 years it will be over in the blink of an eye , and the only thing remaining will be the timeless, eternal witnessing presence.

With any change , any decision you make there is a positive and a negative, that’s just the way it is , accepting that is the path to expansion and growth , rejecting or resisting it,  is the path to suffering.

So when I say accept what is , it is within that framework , that perspective.  The best description of what I am talking about in terms of acceptance of what is … is of course the beautifully worded serenity prayer.

So there are things that we must simply except, and there are things that can be dealt with in the hopes of creating the reality that you want to manifest for  your life experience , but it’s just an experience , it’s not what you are , your life experience is just part of the content that makes up of the world of form .

Here is a  real life example that I have witnessed recently of people not able to “Accept What Is ” , which furthers there suffering. For example , the economy is in a state of flux as all things are in the world of form , stability is an illusion.

There are many people who  invested in real estate in the hopes of cashing out sometime in the future  for their retirement needs and yet here we are in the worse real estate market in history , is there anything you can do about it … no …nothing , nadda !

It is …what it is , so you have 2 choices pain and misery or acceptance , you accept that right now real estate for most areas of the world is in a major slump with nothing is selling , and banks aren’t lending ,  so you can rent your property or remain in place or what ever you can do at this given moment, and you take it one day at a time.

Here is another example , you pay taxes to a corporation that uses your money , the energy you created , for  starting wars , killing and maiming other humans in the name of democracy  , yet  the only alternative is hiding in the woods or eventually going to  prison if you do not comply … Acceptance of What is !

Acceptance is not giving up , that’s what the conditioned mind , the ego will have you believe , that is what we have all been conditioned to believe , yet another “Human Condition ” !

Acceptance comes from awakening, acceptance comes from being present and in the moment , the only place we truly have power , accepting life for what is it is is the most empowering thing you can do ,  life is simply an experience, it’s not what you are.

As infinite consciousness , we will have infinite experiences, some as earth humans and some that would seem completely alien to us in our current framework , we are all that is and ever will be …except that !



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