Do You Want To Be Right Or Happy ?


Do you want to be right or happy ?  This is a question I ask myself on a daily basis.  At any given moment throughout the day we are faced with choices , whether to do this or that.

How do we know what the “Right ” decision is ?   Well from a greater perspective of course there is no right or wrong decision, its simply a different path , a different expression , we will all get there , so it doesn’t really matter.

However there is way to shorten the path so to speak , to mitigate the negative types of experiences that we do not want to have in our life , and I have found that choosing to be happy over being right is usually the ticket .

There have many instances that  I can think of where I may have actually been right , but after choosing that path , I was not happy , and it did not bring me joy or abundance.

This is yet another  practical application to the awakening process, that allows you to move into a more synchronistic experience of  what we call physicality.

Most of us want joy , happiness , abundance in our lives , and this is the key to manifesting those things in your daily life.  So ask yourself do you wan to be right or happy.

It has been my experience that many times we are our own worst enemy , we get in the way of ourselves. I have come to the conclusion that its a matter of letting go of ego or the mind’s desire to be in control of every situation that is really at the root of this.

So as I grow in awareness and expand my perception of reality , I find more and more I choose the path that makes me happy , that brings me joy and the less I worry about being right.

So what we are “Really” illustrating here is the difference between allowing your heart to guide you ,instead of the ego or mind.  Remember the heart is the multidimensional instrument, the seat of higher self, the mind however is more of a  tool for navigating the 3d realm and maintaining body function, for the “unconscious” decision making.

So “why” would you allow the mind , with such a limited perspective of reality make your decisions, well we shouldn’t, that is the point I am making here.

So here is the technique I am learning , that is helping me make better , more intuitive decisions , that lead to more abundance more happiness and more joy in my daily life.

At any given moment , to the best of your ability , act on that which is most exciting to you , that which excites you the most ,not what you “think” is right or wrong or what you “should” be doing, …. yes its that simple.

And I did say , to the best of your ability , that which is feasible , that which is possible with what you have to work with, you have to be realistic here, this isn’t about fantasizing about being a rock star and then just sitting there becasue its not possible to act out your fantasy…today , however, it may be , at some point, if you follow your moment by moment highest excitement.

So this “is” about real life and real life situations. It’s about taking small steps in the right direction each day , and following your highest excitement ,no matter what the circumstance,  with “NO” expectation about the outcome.

Is this challenging yes , when living from ego this can be very challenging , ego is that little voice in your head that never shuts up , it has all the answers and has way too many opinions, and is constantly second guessing .

And of course it’s second guessing becasue it doesn’t really ” know”  what to do , it was not built for this purpose,it does not have the big picture nor does it interact well with higher self which does.

In fact the inner battle that goes on in many of us , is ego refusing to allow higher self to have a hand at the wheel so to speak, because “it ” always needs to be in control, and that’s OK , this can be turned into a catalyst for growth.

This is where living from the heart, allowing the heart to guide us comes into play , the heart is in connection with higher self, the heart does have the big picture , the multi dimensional persepctive , it can take all of the data in the unified field and sort it all out and then guide you towards your highest joy, and your greatest synchronicity of events .

And that synchronicity , puts you at the right place at the right time , you become the vibrational match to higher self, that is the excitement that you feel in your physical and emotional body.  So when you think about what to do next , the thing that brings that sensation of excitement , of joy , that’s what what you want to move towards.

This occurs in even the smallest of moment by moment experiences. It may be you simply sitting there asking yourself , do I want to sit here and read some more of this book , or do I want to go the beach and enjoy the fresh air, which choice gives you the “feeling” of greatest excitement, that’s what you want to follow.

If you do this every moment of every day , in the big decisions and the little ones, you will find your life will become an ecstatic explosion of synchronicity .

This is simple physics, this is what living form the heart is all about , this is one of the  practical applications of awakening ! The reward for overcoming your impulses and choosing joy and happiness over being right.


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