Apocalypse How: Identification Equals Suffering



Identification Equals Suffering …OK , what does that mean. It means the more identified you are with physicality, your life story, material things, relationships,sensations , feelings , thoughts , the more suffering you will encounter during your stay on “Hotel Earth” !

Yes its a hotel, your a guest , you check in and you check out !  But while your here , it seems the more you derive your self worth  in “things” , the more difficult it will be to find what you are looking for , which is ultimately , to be complete , whole , satiated , with out “need” of any “Thing” .. our true nature outside the world of form!

True unconditional love does not “need” anything !  Suffering is always a resistance to what is !

If in fact ” life is but a dream”  it seems obvious that trying to fulfill yourself from something that is so fleeting will only lead to disappointment , suffering, fear … so why do most of keep doing it ?

Programming , conditioning , we are all born into a highly programmed and conditioned construct called the human race, a grand experiment , a wonderful experience , perhaps unprecedented in the cosmos , fractals of  “all that is ” lost in the mind created world .

However … like all things,  humans are evolving, consciousness is evolving , and many of us are tired of the suffering , we are tired of the so called “Human Condition ” and we are so ready to put an end to it , and it starts at home , with yourself, you may not be able to end the collective suffering , however we can most certainly end our own personal suffering, or at least mitigated it to a very large degree.

And it all starts with non identification, not over  identifying with  the content in this virtual reality!  The more aware , the more conscious you can become of the witnessing presence, the one constant in your life , the ageless, timeless, aware stillness that is the real nature of “what “you are the less suffering you will encounter.

It’s a process that requires some diligence , it a process that involves not allowing your thoughts to constantly pull you in , it requires present moment awareness, however the pay off for all of that is huge, well worth it and ultimately necessary for our personal and collective journey out of the darkness and into the light, so we may as well get on with it.

People are so attached , so identified with form , that many will not want to let go , and that’s OK , they just haven’t suffered enough yet, however if you have suffered , enough already, then this is the key to your self created prison and you can free yourself at any moment.

Simply know that you are not your thoughts , your job, your persona , your social standing, your physical body , you cultural programing, you not an American , not a Democrat, liberal or conservative and on and on the layers of identification are seemingly endless.

All can be circumvented when become present , all the baggage can be discarded in an instant , those are the moments in which you are simply alert awareness, this is where true creativity, abundance, spontaneity ,synchronicity can be experienced , this is the holy grail of spiritual awakening and expansion !



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