Apocalypse How : Template Level Reality


What is the Template Level Reality. It is the blueprint level reality where we (infinite consciousness ) actually design physical reality, or any reality for that “Matter”.

In a sense physical reality could be defined as , “any reality” where consciousness is tuned into having an experience.

So using television channels as an analogy here: when your watching one channel on your TV the other channels are going on simultaneously and are just as valid for the other people watching them.

So realities are in a sense programs, constructs , designed at the template level , by source consciousness, so that  it, we, us , can have a variety of experiences to learn and grow and expand with, this is the nature of universe, this is our nature.

One metaphor , or way to explore this idea is to say that creation is a trinary system , of course we all know how symbolic and important the number 3 is , it is the basic template, for much of “our” local universe.

So lets say that creation is H2o , which can be broken down into 3 states, steam , water and ice . Steam represents source, all that is , god if you like. Water represents the template level , and ice is manifestation, or in this case what we call physical reality, or experiences .

Like water , the template level reality is still very fluid , no yet coalesced into matter , it can be rearranged into whatever form or “Matter” we choose, its our energy to play with so to speak.

When you feel creative , and engrossed in your task , your are operating within the template level reality , you are swimming in an ocean of possibilities, ideas waiting to be made manifest by your intent.

The benefit to understanding , knowing how this works is an increase in your ability to manifest what you want in your life , what you prefer , what serves you in your growth and expansion of who and what you are.

As opposed to just manifesting unconsciously what we don’t want , which happens quite frequently , and is to a large degree the reason the world is the way it is , there is a lot garbage coming out of the template level reality , which translates to a lot of garbage manifesting into physicality.

So understanding what the Template Level reality is and the how to use it constructively is key to increasing the quality of our experiences , no matter “where ” they are, here , there , anywhere !

The template level reality is also in a sense the filter through which source consciousness passes on it’s way to being made manifest, so once its here its a done deal , so the only place to make these changes is at the source , by increasing the quality of consciousness , through expansion , unconditional love , growth.

Then by creating programs, constructs, channels , at the template level that will manifest experiences, that are more in alignment with our highest joys , this is the practical application.


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