AH Guest Writer: My Haunted Life, A Compendium of Strange Tales of the Paranormal


Brno, November 10th, 2014, My Haunted Life, A Compendium of Strange, but True, Tales of the Paranormal is the new book from Czech Republic-based author G. Michael Vasey published by William Collins Publishing, London.

The book features a number of strange events in the author’s early life including chilling meetings with ghosts, poltergeist activity, haunted locations and clothing and much, much, more. It is available in paperback and Kindle versions from all amazon websites and good bookstores.

“My childhood was a strange one. One of my first memories is of a little, blue man who emerged out of a mirror in my bedroom, shot me with a toy gun and then jumped out of the window into the backyard below.

You might perhaps think that I imagined it, except for the fact that my parents actually heard the gunshot!” said G. Michael Vasey. “This book is a collection of events that happened to me. All are strange and all are true. When people say that “fact is stranger than fiction”– they weren’t joking.”

My Haunted Life follows on the success of his first novel – The Last Observer – published by Roundfire Books, a story of magic, the paranormal and the nature of reality that has received outstanding reviews. The follow up – The Lord of the Elements is planned for an eagerly anticipated 2015 release.

About G. Michael Vasey
With 14 books in print, G. Michael Vasey is an established author with notable contributions in poetry, metaphysics, and business. His first novel – The Last Observer  (Roundfire 2013) – was published last year and is a thrilling cornucopia of mayhem, magic and murder.

A yorkshireman who has spent most of his adult life exiled to Texas and now the Czech Republic, G. Michael Vasey writes for a living as a leading analyst in the commodity trading and risk management industry. On the side, he writes poems, blogs, books on metaphysics and novels all with a theme of life and the nature of reality. Much of his inspiration comes from meditation and music.

G. Michael Vasey has appeared on radio shows such as Everyday Connection and X Radio with Rob McConnell, featured in Chat – Its Fate magazine and interviewed by Ghost Village and Novel Ideas amongst others. He also reviews books at Strange Book Reviews.

He is currently working on The Lord of the Elements – the prequel to The Last Observer – and another on the concept of the Fool in magic. His fifth poetry collection –

Best Laid Plans and Other Strange Tails is now out.


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