Apocalypse How: Predicting the Future


As we move forward in this Apocalypse , many of the Doom and Gloomers , those addicted to fear porn are asking … where is the “predicted” Economic Collapse, Cataclysmic Earth Changes , World War III, the Alien Invasion and on and on the monkey mind wanders.

Well … in some ways those things are happening …albeit not to the severity or in the “way”  that many “Predicted”.

This is the problem with predicting the future  , we can’t predict how accurate any given prediction will be , and from a greater perspective it is an exercise in  futility .

In these uncertain times , these times of incredible growth and expansion many people fear change , so in an attempt to alleviate the fear of the unknown , all manner of predictions and false profits come on to the scene to fill the needs of the masses desire to make sense of what is happening around them.

The prophecies range from the end of the world and collapse of society to a new golden age and the ascension of mankind into a new vibrational state , a new dimension, and everything in between.

Understanding  how universe works, that it is not black and white , that it goes through cycles , that it breaths in and out , contraction and expansion , that there are parallel realities that allow all probabilities expression,  understanding the nature of reality , allows a new perspective on the whole idea of predicting the future

And of course the concept of the  “Future” itself , is , in a sense  an illusion,  from a greater perspective.

Linear time , with its Past , Present and Future, is a construct, that we have co created for a type of experience , it allows us to experience what we call growth , journey , exploration , movement , it gives us a platform to play the game of life.

If we are to entertain the idea , that meaningful predictions of events is possible , global events , based on the collective as a whole ,  then I would suggest that yes, you can take a reading so to speak , at any given moment , and you can , based on that reading , surmise what the “heading” is for the human race.

In other words, current events form future trends.

Lets take for example the idea of disclosure, or humanities’s acceptance and global recognition that , we are not alone and that we have in fact been visited and are being visited by extraterrestrials. One could perhaps say in a few years this will be a widely accepted idea, is this a prediction , kind of , however it could change , it could happen tomorrow or in 20 years , it really depends on us , the collective and how willing we are to let go of outdated belief systems .

However based on the current reading of today’s level of awareness , of the quality of consciousness that exists now , I feel confident we are headed in that direction , or we wouldn’t be having this conversation, we would not be seeing the craft in the skies, the Phoenix lights , the plasma orbs and all other manner of phenomenon.

The fact that we are seeing signs of the others means we raised our vibration enough to begin the process of meeting them half way, the  quarantine has been lifted.

So can we predict the future , well yes and no , I know,  kind of a polarized answer, fitting of course for a polarized reality. The future is simply the projected destination of today’s intent , or direction. Just becasue a sailboat is headed towards an island thousands of miles away , doesn’t mean that’s where it will end up, it’s simply the most probable destination , based on current readings.

So much can happen in between , things we never thought of , this is the challenge when navigating the sea of probability.

So whats the practical application here, “Live in the Moment ” no one knows what is going to happen , and why would you want to any way ,it spoils all the fun, intrigue and excitement and in sense limits what can be possible once you quit trying to figure it all out, remember expectation is a form of limitation.



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