Apocalypse How: The Present Moment Part .1


The Present Moment , Living in the moment, Being Present . These popular catch phrases,  these ideas are hot topics in the awakening discussion , and when understood and “Lived” are vital to staying sane in an insane world , but what does it actually mean to be present, to live in the moment .

All  of the great teachers out there  talk about being in the present moment as perhaps the most important aspect of  awakening , why … because the present moment is all that really exists, past and future or just ideas, constructs, thoughts coming from the world of form.

The key to actually living in the moment is really about understanding the “Human Condition”.  So what is the human condition , well the general connotation is that of … suffering, although there is so much more to “Being” human, much of it is quite wonderful , joyous and exciting !

So … what is causing the suffering part ?  Well … all I can share is my own personal experience , although from what I hear from others  out there , we are all very similar , we are  experiencing very similar challenges when it comes to trying to stay present and live in the moment .

It appears much of the challenge comes from our “over identification”  with form , which includes our thoughts  generated by the conditioned mind , our ego , our persona ,  most of which we inherited through our culture via indoctrination.

Much of humanity has  become lost in the story of me ,our personal narrative ,  every time we conceptualize and categorize ourselves , others, and anything for that matter , we make it smaller, limited  everything gets filtered through our past experiences , beliefs and definitions , this is the effect of being completely identified with the conditioned mind… this to me is the human experience, experiencing reality through the conditioned mind.

This is very easy to verify , emotionally healthy children are a great example of a more natural state of being , before the intense indoctrination takes place over a lifetime , before the mind has been overly “conditioned”  , where  layer upon layer of hand me down beliefs, definitions, past experiences ,  and consensus reality culture has completely taken over,  to the point , we actually believe that all we are is a physical being and we lose connection with our divine nature, our multidimensional nature and our connection to source , which is the only thing that can truly fulfill what we re looking for.

A child is  much more present than an adult , which is why small children see everything as a new and exciting adventure , a child is full of imagination and playfulness, and then , as time goes on , the conditioning begins.

There are just as many unhappy , so called successful people,   as there are those who feel they have not reached their full potential , because they are “all” trying to find that fulfillment in the outer world , in form.

Essentially something that is formless and eternal ,  the never changing  ( That’s us ) is seeking stability and peace in the world of form which is always changing and not stable at all , so its an exercise in futility … it’s insane !

But what part of us is insane , well it’s the conditioned mind , the one that’s constantly ranting and raving about this or that in your thoughts , your self talk .  It’s  always seeking conflict to validate itself, in fact when one begins to understand this and becomes the aware observer, the witness to this madness , there is a tendency for the Egoic mind to fight back , sometimes getting louder , and doing it’s best to reestablish its predominance.

Again , the best example of this process that distracts us from the present moment is the self talk , the voice in our head that is constantly thinking, rambling on and on , mostly nonsense and typically it has a negative edge to it , and this is common in all of us , which is why it’s important to understand what this process is about , why it is occurring and how you can mitigate it’s effects on your state of being.

The first thing you want to have is an awareness that this voice is “NOT” what you are ,yes  its part of you , while your here in physicality ,  in your earth suit ( physical body) so to speak , however it is not what you are empirically.

Once you start to understand this , the first positive practical application of this awareness is that you will quit reacting to it , in other words , the negative aspects of the conditioned mind do not have to be acted upon, yes ,  you will still hear it your head droning on about what he said or she said, or why is life doing this or that to me and so on , however if you are aware of it , you will experience it as the chatter of the conditioned mind , like uncle Bob who tells you the same story over and over again , you start to ignore it .

In fact I have found the best way to deal with the conditioning is not fall into the old patterns, not to follow the old impulses and to do exactly the opposite of what the conditioned mind is telling you , and from this persepctive it becomes a tool for growth , it can aide you in the process of expansion if used in this way.

Over time as you quit reacting to it , rather like when you quit reacting to a child’s demands, the conditioned  mind will gradually loose its control  over your state of being.

So when you are building that new business, and the conditioned mind is finding all kinds of faults and reasons why this or that won’t work , ignore it , continue on your path , when your dealing with your spouse and they seem irritating, understand that what ever fault your finding in them only strengthens that vibration in you , and it’s all coming from this conditioning, this ultimate belief that you are your thoughts , this over identification with your conditioned mind.

Once you bring this out into the light of awareness , once you begin to identify more  with the observer of the thoughts, the witness of the conditioned mind , you no longer find yourself being pulled from the present moment quite so strongly, it’s a process , it takes responsibility to do this type of work on yourself , but the rewards are well worth it , the ability to live in the present moment each and every moment is the reward !

These days we are ” All ” going  through massive change individually and collectively , time seems to be moving faster, everything seems to be moving into the present moment which is why this is so important, when you are present , it is much more difficult for the conditioning, the manipulation , the fear mongering, the distractions to get their claws in you .

Below is an Eckhart Tolle video where he discusses this process of  becoming present , of being in a more present state of being, this is definitely   ” his niche ”  within the awakening discussion , he was born for it , with his soft spoke demeanor , he immediately puts the listener into a more calm relaxed , present state  he is very good at breaking it down the programming that has occurred over thousands of years , so check it out and see if it resonates for you.



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