Apocalypse How: Amazing Health Elixir-Water


There is a secret Elixir out there that prevents much of the health issues that people have these days … it does not require a prescription , there are no side effects , and you can get it anywhere , so come close and let me whisper it in your ear … it’s um .. Water !

I know its crazy huh…who would have thunk it … all this time, right there in front of us, was the answer to many of the most basic health issues.

You may think I’m being sarcastic , but keeping the body hydrated with “Water” not soda or coffee , is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your health , with only diet and exercise as close runner ups.

I have lost track of the people I have talked to about the health issues they were having , who had they simply drank plenty of water , kept their bodies hydrated, flushed out , could keep themselves out of the doctors office.

However… since staying hydrated requires that you actually drink plenty of water, a very large portion of society does not have the basic discipline to do so on a daily basis , I know it’s crazy , but true , many of the basic health issues humans experience are due to being dehydrated at some level.

The reason I bring this up is because it  ties in with the discussion about Health Care . With all the technology , drugs, procedures, fad diets , vitamins , supplements , and so on , it amazes me how so few people understand that drinking plenty of water on a daily basis would eliminate much of the common ailments people have.

It is the perfect illustration of how undisciplined much of humanity has become , like big children that  need someone to tell them to drink water to be healthy , I mean come on , the human body is mostly water , that should be your fist clue, but unless “Big Daddy ” the doctor tells them something , it goes in one ear and out the other , and of course the health care , pharmaceutical industries thrive in this co dependent environment.

The problem is that Doctors don’t make any money on healthy patients , they don’t make any money prescribing water, health care is a business model and only does well with a sickly population , so if it requires discipline the majority of the population would prefer someone else take care of them.

So lets talk about some of the health issues I see running rampant in society becasue most people are simply dehydrated from their refusal to drink water , some people drink no water at all , thinking that tea, coffee, gator aide, fruit juices, beer are just as good for hydration , of course they are not .

One of the most common side effects of dehydration is constipation , one only has to peruse the super market and drug store isles to see what a massive industry has been built up around the ” Constipation Industry ” … lets see, suppositories, laxatives in a zillion different varieties the list of constipation remedies is staggering.

Of course there are other reasons for constipation , the main ones being proper , diet , rest and exercise . how ever most people I have  ever talked to who suffer from constipation , usually drink no water at all , and wonder whats wrong with them , and all their doctors due is prescribe , prescribe , prescribe.

And down the road after decades of this nonsense , chronic constipation turns into , hemorrhoids, anal rectal issues, problems with the digestive system and the colon , and becasue the body has no way to flush the build up of toxins , it creates additional issues all over the body, it’s not rocket science here , but no one seems to “get it ”  , and why you might ask , simple ,  it requires taking responsibility, this is why the Health Care Industry is the way it is , it is representative of the quality of the collective consciousness that currently exists.

We are our Health Care System, it won’t change until we do !

Another prime example of the ravages of dehydration is sinus issues , all around the country people suffer from sinus and upper respiratory issues . Again not saying everything is related to dehydration , however a lot of it is , and here is why.

Most colds and infection that arise start in the nasal cavities in your head , and when your sinuses are dried out due to dehydration it makes them more vulnerable to infection , nosebleeds, and they loose their ability to filter out particulates that then make it into the lungs , which then effect you upper respiratory systems.

If people would only take a more holistic , disciplined approach to taking care of their bodies , they would save their selves a lot time , money, pain and suffering  and they would be a more self sufficient , holistic human, that does not rely on ” Big Daddy ” the doctor to make them better and keep them healthy… no one can make you healthy , that’s your job .

For example when it comes to many sinus issues , water is very important , keeping your body hydrated keeps you mucus membranes and bodily tissues subtle and able to perform as they are intended .

There is a Hatha Yoga practice called Jali Neti , it’s been around for thousands of years ,  which basically means “water cleansing ” , it is a form of nasal lavage, where you use a neti cup and water with a bit of salt in it to flush out your nasal passages , this daily practice alone will eliminate much of the sinus issues out there , however , it requires discipline,  you actually have to do it , which is why most people , even if they know about this practice , will prefer to either suffer or take a pill , which only masks the systems at best , or worse makes the sinuses even more dried out , further exacerbating the problem , until it becomes chronic and the viscous cycle continues.

Water is the key to better health , I know it’s too simple , it has to be more complicated, everything on this planet has to be more complicated , “NOT” only if you choose it to be , only if you define it that way , when you quit defining it that way , and take responsibility , you will completely eclipse the idea of the Health Care System , you will be your own self sufficient health care system!


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