Apocalypse How: The Human Condition


What is the Human Condition ?   Good Question , one that has been asked and answered with a variety of definitions. Here I want to explore it as a type of imbalance that exists with regards to the “conditioned”  human mind.

We all know balance is the key to growth and expansion , so this is not about defining The human mind or ego  as good or bad , I simply want to bring into the light that  it is out of balance on this planet , which is the reason for much of the individual and collective insanity that runs rampant down here on the earth plane.

The mind is simply a tool , just like the body , just like any “form”  that consciousness uses or animates to have experiences. The problem we have currently on this planet  is the over identification with the monkey mind.

Humans actually “believe” they are their thoughts, they actually believe they are their life situations, stories, humanity is lost in the narrative of the mind, the never ending stream of thought that is continuously , analyzing   judging, predicting , completely focused on the future or the past  … humanity is essentially lost in a repetitive time loop !

The cure to this aspect of the Human Condition is of course being present, when we are present we are in the most powerful state of being there is , presence is our best chance at turning humanity around , of curing ourselves of the individual and collective psychosis.

Right now in it’s current state, the vast majority of humanity is insane , literally , we all suffer from this condition to some degree , if we are to be completely honest with ourselves , the symptoms range from a mild constant state of discomfort , of things never really being quite right or fulfilling, to a complete state of depression and fear with suicidal or homicidal tendencies.

Thankfully most of us as individuals tend towards the milder form of this condition, however our individual imbalance  seeps into the collective , which is absolutely insane , just look at the outer world and there can be no argument , the world or consensus reality is a manifestation of the collective insanity.

So the over identification with the mind is the cause of the broader definition of the  human condition , there is no doubt about it , our only salvation is the present moment .

When we can learn to become present , when we can distinguish the difference between the thoughts of the mind and the actual eternal never changing aspect of our Being , we are headed in the right direction , we can begin to awaken out of the dream of time the illusion of past and future , we can begin to glimpse the “Life” underneath our life situations.

All of our suffering stems from our lack of presence , the present moment is all that truly exists, yet we spend most of our time  fretting about the past or worrying about the future , the reason of course is because , ego , the mind is completely threatened by the present moment , it has no place in the present moment , the present moment is the annihilator of ego or the conditioned mind .

This is why the conditioned mind does its best to keep you out of the present moment , it is constantly dragging you into the past or future with it’s constant barrage of thinking , it never stops , the key is learning to observe, to witness this process, so that you can become aware of its nature , it’s like a separate entity , struggling to survive , becoming an aware observer allows you to put a leash on it , to utilize it as a tool when you need it , but not be ruled by it.

There are many techniques that can be used to start this process, to get pointed in the right direction ,the first is learning how to quietly observe with out judging the mind,  it’s just  doing it’s job, (thinking )  however over thousands of years it has become overbearing  and needs to be put in its place , it needs to become subordinate to consciousness .

One fun simple technique is to sit quietly and clear your mind the best you can and to visualize a mouse hole in the side of a wall , any mouse that comes out represents a thought.

Now… as the aware observer , the true timeless,  silent , I Am , quietly watch the hole , focus on the hole , as you breath in and out slowly and relax, the mind will quiet down , the thoughts will die down a bit , and hopefully you can get to a place inwardly where  you can distinguish the difference between your awareness, your presence, your being and the random thoughts generated by the conditioned mind.

Over time you will have moments of no thoughts , or no mind as the Zen talk about , this is when you are truly present , and over time these spaces in between the thoughts will grow  , in the beginning it may just be a couple of seconds, later on a minute , with more focus you may be able to achieve  15 -20 minutes of earth time that you are able to remain present , outside of , beyond thought.

These moments , are outside of time of course , they represent your true nature , outside of your life situations , the more we can become present , the more we can utilize the “Power Of Now ” the more positivity we can bring into physicality, the present moment is the only true existence.

Becoming present is the most important step in the awakening process ,it’s vital that we awaken from our slumber and transcend this “Human Condition” .

There are many great voices out there , and if you truly want to break free from the ” Over Identification With The Conditioned Mind ” , I recommend Eckhart Tolle’s work for this particular job, if the conditioned mind is the virus that has infected human consciousness, the wetiko , then Eckhart’s   work is the anti virus .

Below is the ” Power Of Now ”  audio book , around 7 hours of listening and is just the ticket to get you on the path of becoming more “Present ” !



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