Apocalypse How : The Holistic Human


The Holistic Human is essentially the by product of our becoming aware of who and what we are .  As we expand our consciousness , outward in a spherical bubble , we take in more of creation , more of the universe , more of the unified filed , until at some point we “KNOW’ that everything is inside of us , within our consciousness, this is the perspective of the Holistic Human Being !

Below are Five Aspects of the Holistic Human , five is the number of humanity !

The Holistic Human knows there is no separating them from the environment: No matter where you find yourself, no matter what you are doing , the only thing empirically real , is you experience of it , everything else is simply a prop , a backdrop for you to utilize , even beliefs are just tools so that you can actually have an experience , the beliefs , the back drops , the props , end even the experiences themselves are all within you , they are the reflection of your current vibration , your core resonance.

The Holistic Human  Knows all beings , all consciousnesses are part of the same ” One Being” :  There is really only one ” Being ” , one consciousness , it has purposefully fractured itself , think shards of a fractured mirror. And each of these shards is a unique reflection back to the one being , from infinite perspectives in infinite combinations , and yet paradoxically , each shard is the “The One Being  ” , has within it , all of the characteristics and inherit powers and abilities of the One Being , and yet , will always retain it’s individuality , and see it self as the One Being .

The Holistic Human Knows only state of being “Matters” : Your state of ” Being ”  will determine what you get out of any particular experience , if ” All ” experiences are approached  from a state of excitement , and positivity , then you will get an exciting and positive “Experience” out of it .  Universe can only reflect , it is only a mirror ,  it cannot create meaning , only we can give it meaning .

The Holistic Human Knows our “State of Being”  will be determined by our ” Beliefs” : What ever we believe to be true , is what we will experience , there is nothing right or wrong with “Belief Systems ” they are absolutely necessary for us to be able to even have experiences, they create the framework for experiential reality.  So the key is to understand this and to make sure that what your believing in , what you are buying into with your source energy , is what you ” Prefer”  to “Experience” . So make sure that your “Beliefs ” are representative of you highest excitement and joy ,so they can empower you , and reenforce the positive feedback loop  ,   it is that “Simple” !

The Holistic Human Knows our ” Beliefs ” are built with our definitions : Now is the time to clear the slate , and Redefine , Redefine , Redefine all of the old definitions in your life that no longer serve you , this will allow you to “Build ” new belief systems form the ground floor up , by using definitions  built on integrity , definitions that are malleable , flexible , especially definitions about  about who and what you are , so that your new “Beliefs”  will be built on firm solid foundations , there will be no lies , no weak spots , beliefs  specifically built to empower , allow universe to work for you , life is not inherently difficult , we make it so by our beliefs and definitions .


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