Apocalypse How: Hold the Vibration !

hold the vibration


Hold the vibration , hold the vibration … of your highest joy and excitement and “everything” else will take care of itself.

When you hold that vibration … the world around you , the universe around you , what we call physical reality , what we call  non physical reality , or “Anything” we can experience as the witnessing presence , as a fractal of all that is … “must” manifest accordingly , it HAS NO CHOICE !

Even main stream science with it’s quantum physics now acknowledges that  “Matter” is just a by product of consciousness , it is subject to consciousness, think double slit experiment.

Consciousness truly is the only substance in the universe , of course it depends on your definitions ,as everything does, and my definition of consciousness is the source, presence, all that is , the one and so on , all of these pretty much useless words that we have of describing something that has no definition , that cannot be defined …  but we try …what else we gonna do for …eternity !

Reality is simply consciousness acting on it self !  We are holograms within holograms within ….dreams within dreams , we are literally dream material , and here is where the magic comes in , here is where the masters, shamans ,wizards, elite , and lovers of the esoteric all gain ground over the still unconscious masses.

Once you understand that there is no difference between our so called waking physical life and our so called sleeping nightly dreams lucid or non lucid  , you will understand that we all exist in the present moment of which the illusion of night day, sleeping and waking happens without any break , it’s all now.

The only difference is that when we are using our physical bodies during the day we are projecting our consciousness into a much slower vibratory soup, field, energy grid, …vibrational construct , what ever term , or word you want to use , ultimately our words are limited to describe these things.

In a lucid dream we are simply present , in a higher vibrational soup , where any thoughts , desires, fears manifest instantly , there is no lag time , the reality is rendered at the speed of thought around and you are limitless,boundless, this is our true nature.

Why would we want to leave …oh that’s the question now isn’t it , the reason of course is for more experience, experience is the only possession  , the only thing any of us , that consciousness  can ever really own !

And the best way to get lots of experience is to go through the … process …  frame by frame , bit by bit , day by day , life by life !

So when  you know this is the nature of things , I mean really  “know ” it , you will start living your life as if it were a dream , and your dreams as if they were your life!  As usual …here on earth we have most things backwards !

So holding the vibration of your highest excitement turns everything around , and upside down , it re aligns universe so that all the paths , all the connections, all the synchronicities line up just right , to manifest that which matches your vibration …good or bad , positive or negative, it makes no distinction.

Which is why it is so important right now to simply hold the vibration ! Nothing else, no over thinking , god no , please this world has had enough of the conditioned mind and it’s thinking , now its the hearts turn , let the heart hold that vibration , with each beat , with each shift , from frame to frame …hold that vibration.. with Zero expectation… expectation is the dream killer, the most powerful of all limiting factors!

When the wind kicks up , when clouds form on the horizon , when people around you are going insane … hold that vibration.

When you feel in doubt , insecure, wondering if your on the right path , doing the right thing , hold that vibration , and over time , circumstances start to loose their impact on you , hold that vibration , nothing else matters !

Why is this so difficult for so many , because they are so completely identified with the world of form, the conditioned mind, the consensus reality , the persona , their life story, their life situation, they actually think , that’s what they are and that’s OK , that is the purpose of this place, this slow vibratory experience , let them have their process, let them go insane , let them be unhappy , let them be lost …that is their choice…and you have yours.

We are so powerful we can create the illusion of being powerless …awe the paradox, but for some of us we are done with limitation…oh we are soooo done !

And for us …I say HOLD THE VIBRATION and you Will be able to distinguish presence from form , thinking from being , and no matter what environment or reality you find your self in , you will know that ultimately it exists…within you …so you will never be lost !





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