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Are you looking for a new and exciting career , are you sick and tired of begin sick and tired , are you burned out working at the big box store , well you’ve come to the right place , we have positions available now for First Contact Specialists.

As a First Contact Specialist you will be interacting with others through out the multi verse in order to facilitate First Contact with other civilizations , on other planets other dimensions and even other timelines past and future , all of which can be accessed in the present moment.

We will train you in the art of inter dimensional travel and multi level channeling , so that you can use your past or future incarnations to interact with others in the timelines you wish to communicate with.

You see what most people don’t realize is that , everything exists in the present moment , which is why it is possible to contact other civilizations in parallel realities and up and down the timelines , because it’s all happening now, here on earth we have all agreed to perceive the present moment in a linear timeline fashion, it was all  part of our ” Root Assumptions ” contract , just have to read the fine print , but as the veil is lifting , we are now free agents.

As of 2012 the Quarantine ended for planet Earth , we have shifted to the point where our Brothers and Sisters throughout the cosmos are now free to interact with us on a more expanded level and so the demand is very high right now for First Contact Specialists , making for a great opportunity for those that want to try something new in this exciting field.

Requirements For First Contact Specialists:

.1 At least 1000 years experience at ” Being Human ” , not important what planet, or time line , as long as you have at least 1000 years total as a physical human being within the Milky way Galaxy.

.2 Must have a basic understanding of the multi dimensional self, and a working relationship with at least 3 probable selves or counterparts , ( this is important as it shows you have an expanded perspective of self hood, and you no longer limit your perception to a single life experience , based in linear time.

.3 You also need to Have a working relationship with higher self, this is very important , because there is no way you can travel the cosmos with only physical mind to guide you , physical mind has a very limited perspective of reality ,it’s a great tool for life on earth , but you heart will serve you best in this business.

.4 Good Communication skills when dealing with your over soul . Building a strong relationship with your over souls is critical when you start your career as a First Contact Specialists . With the over soul’s contacts and clout in the industry , it will be essential to keep you on track when it comes to prospecting new clients , new civilizations,  that are in need of growth and expansion through the First Contact Process !

.5  And finally and most importantly , an open mind and heart are absolutely essential as a First Contact Trainee . In fact we find that people with no formal education , and even  children make the best Trainees in this field. The challenge with many humans is that they are too rigid in their beliefs and definitions about the nature of reality , they become so ingrained is their perspective, so lost in the matrix of physicality that it is difficult to dislodge them from their self created reality spheres.


The compensation package for First Contact Specialists , is with out a doubt , one of  the best in the industry.

A) Free intergalactic , and Inter dimensional Travel , Including Mileage

B)  Unprecedented Heath Care program (  The process of Integration during training removes the disease construct )

C)  Unlimited Vacation Time (  Since there is no time , only the present moment )

D )  Work From Home Opportunities , Make your own hours ( Never leave the house ,most work can be done while sleeping !!! )

We feel that the “Contact ” industry is on the verge of exponential growth , with more people expanding their consciousness and becoming interested in reaching out to the “others” , there is no time like the “present ” to get started now !!!




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