Apocalypse Sunspot

The Apocalypse sunspot isĀ  not a new event , the Apocalypse sun has been with us since the beginning .

In this section I will demonstrate the correlation between solar activity and human evolution within the last few decades.

Although the obvious connection goes all the way back as far as we can see and is recorded , at least officially anyway.

We Will Start with the most recent event , that happened on March 11 2011

In this section I will document the major solar events as we move deeper into the apocalypse , so that we can see the obvious correlation between increased sun activity and human activity.

Below are links to separate pages that I will dedicate to each major event .

Sun spots group in Early August 2011 pushes us further along the trail !

Massive CME June 7 2011

X1.5 Flare
Erupts 3/9/11/

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