Anybody ready for a party, in this case Putin’s party, well here we are, another red line drawn in the sand. I could swear I saw this movie before just a few weeks ago, oh wait that was the big Syrian conflict, seems Putin ruled the day on that one too.

As I watch the consensus reality, it plays like a bad soap opera, the same characters, the same plots, nothing ever gets resolved and the beat goes on.

Clearly we are at another pivotal point where we have two choices, an escalation of the madness, or business as usual, which means more pillaging, more raping,more quantitative easing, more posturing, more saber rattling, on and on it goes.

Personally things are going well, once you become detached from the conditioned mind there is no getting upset about world affairs as there is nothing that the individual can do about it anyway, in fact those that are up in arms about the right or the left, the red or the blue, the conservative are the liberal, to go to war are not to go to war, are lost in the matrix, which of course is the plan , diversion and more bread and circus , this has been going of for thousands of years.

So here we are, this time we are not talking about Syria, we are talking about Russia, a nuclear power, whose leader does not appear to be controlled by the puppet master at this time, of course time will tell.
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Bankers jumping off buildings , and some even  committing  suicide with a … nail gun ?  Revolution in the Ukraine and other hotspots where the populace has nothing left to loose , more polar vortex , the great lakes freezing over as global warming really kicks in.

While these events might seem strange on other planets ,they are only the tip of the iceberg when one examines the recent events and happenings on this planet , and I’m sure most aware observers can agree… the level of novelty circa 2014  is increasing exponentially.

As we shift from one reality to the next , we catch glimpses in the news , both in main stream and alternative , we watch the behavior of  our loved ones and those around us,  and we can see the signs , that clue us in , that we are at the precipice and  some have decided its… Time To Jump !

Right now , as I see it , as we go along on our individual and collective journeys, you have two choices as an aware observer, you can either become completely jaded with no hope,  or , you can see the madness for what it is and accept that the human race is fundamentally dysfunctional and has been of thousands of years …are things getting better … hmmm, not sure about that.

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