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Well he’s back !  The Apocalypse Man ! Who is this self proclaimed Apocalypse man … none other than Michael Ruppert !

He’s come a long way baby , from best selling author of  Crossing the Rubicon , to his final fare well book …Collapse!  Michael has certainly crossed the Rubicon , and recently he’s even crossed state lines, moving from his home in California to a place somewhere in Colorado , that looks like a cross between a tent city and a Indian village from a western movie.

Now … I have to say I empathize with Michael Ruppert as a voice for the Apocalypse , we all have our voice , our part to play in the grand dream we call life, so I’m not knocking his work , or his life in anyway , he has helped to shed a lot of light on  the corruption , greed and insanity that much of the human race reflects.

In the video below  he starts to tell his story  , his experience  of the last couple of years as his life seemed to fall apart, as the big “Collapse ” never came, at least not yet anyway , he talks of being fed up with humanity , life , and was even contemplating suicide when finally he ended up in Colorado , penniless, stripped of all possessions  and at the very end of his rope.
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Who is Joseph Kony ?  Well,  had you asked me that question yesterday , I would have said I have no idea, who he is ?  Today however, I can tell you exactly who he is , or perhaps more correctly what he is.

He appears to be a manifestation of what we would term evil. Now there is a lot of evil or negativity on this planet, in fact for thousands of years now we have been in a state of being on this planet that has been predominately negative.

So perhaps all the energy from the sun has been used more appropriately this time around, no mega quakes, no tsunamis, no destruction , this time perhaps we will use this light this energy from the suns recent outburst to shine the light on one dark corner of humanity , this dark corner is Joseph Kony.

And this is what 2012 is all about for many of us, as aware observers we should start to see the effects of going from a slightly more negatively charged  field to a more positive environment.

2012 is the fulcrum point, by mid 2012 we should start to see more signs of positivity seeping its way into our society , doesn’t mean things on the outside will always appear that way, great change comes with some painful moments as we look in the mirror so to speak.

Never forget,  humanity on this planet  is really “one being”  experiencing itself as 7 billion individuals or fractals of the whole, so Joseph Kony is  really an aspect of ourselves, individually and collectively.

Remember , as we increase in positivity , we are working form the darkness back into the light , the basic theme of the universe, and as we increase the light, we will see more of the dirt in the corner of the room.

In this case Joseph Kony , represents a very dark and dirty little corner in the backwash of human consciousness, and it must be flushed out , dealt with , along with a whole lot of other stuff !

So lets join together in this cleansing process, again, Joseph Kony , from a greater perspective, represents the darkness in our collective consciousness, so this isn’t about hating this person or that person, its about dragging these aberrations out into the light where they can no longer find sustenance.

Now , that all being said, is it entirely possible this supposedly grass roots campaign against Joseph Kony is being funded and promoted behind the scenes by the very organizations , governments, elite societies that create most of the havoc on this planet.

Absolutely and highly probable  , but also remember all these groups and organizations even the elite bloodlines make up our collective experience , and “ALL” of us are being effected by the changes that are going on at the cosmic level, so even they , the “Ruling Elite” have become unwilling or unknowing participants in their own demise, as it should be.

Again , remember , universe uses “everything ” , and while there may be all sorts of agendas surrounding this whole Kony Phenomenon , in the end if  we learn something from this , if we can take something away form this that is positive and points us in the right direction towards more positivity , then mission accomplished.

So don’t worry about whether its “Real” or not, just listen and watch with your heart,  and see where it leads “you” , the heart will not steer you wrong.

Remember there really is no “Out There” ,the only reality is our experiences, so in a sense, the question simply becomes , do you want to be part of a collective experience that allows Joseph Kony to exists or not , you choose, we always have a choice. ALWAYS !   Because…. ”  All Ways Are Allowed Expression “.

As of this writing the Joseph Kony Video had about 65 million hits, lets watch and observe , it should be interesting.


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