As each day passes , those of us that have opened our hearts , and our minds, are coming to the conclusion that most things we have been taught about the nature of the universe are wrong.

I know big shocker there, but seriously , it fascinates me how the human race has been indoctrinated by modern science, into believing in these ad hoc theories , that constantly have to be tweaked just to make them sound plausible.

And this is where The Electric Universe comes into play , its by no means a new concept , it’s been in the background of human consciousnesses all along, unfortunately its been scrubbed from the main stream, and one has to ask why !

And the answer to that is power !  Those that want to maintain their power do not want the masses to have open knowledge of the way the universe really works, which is absolute unlimited abundance, they would rather have the slaves fighting over dwindling resources .

There were visionaries along the way , Tesla , Walter Russell and others who were on the right track , only to get largely ignored by the so called scientific community , and in Tesla’s case destroyed financially by the banking elite.

The good news is today we have a new platform for communicating, the internet, which  has allowed an open source exchange of information that is becoming too large and expansive for the control system to dominate, at least for now, the cats out of the bag.
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