Are you ready to unravel yourself ,  and be free of all of the illusions  that you think are “You ” !

Do you ever tire of playing the game , playing the part, keeping up with the maintenance of being you, being a personality is much like being an actor , with roles to play , lines to remember , proper makeup and clothing , it’s a lot of work.

However as we become more expanded during our awakening, one of the by products , or one of the effects is that you actually start to become  less identified with your human persona , you start to unravel yourself from the bonds of beliefs ,   in other words you are in the world but not of it.

You no longer think of your self as Bob the electrician , or Mary the nurse , or an American or a Californian , or the million other little  ways in which humans categorize themselves , each one creates a layer,  wrapping source consciousness in an ever increasing tangle of  symbolic rope, until one day all you see is rope and you can barely move, a prisoner in your own self created matrix.

And these layers keep building up over time until we really have no idea ” WHAT “we are, however we ” think ” we know ” WHO ” we are , we are Bob the electrician , who lives in Colorado, in the city of Denver, who likes football, votes Democrat, drives a Ford, Likes to hunt , likes rock music , is ex military , currently divorced , has 2.3 children , is against abortion , yet is pro gay marriage ( OK, I’m just making this up ) but you get the idea ,   and on and on the layers build up .
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Acceptance of what is … anything less is a form of insanity.  I know …many people take that the wrong way , their monkey mind says what do you mean just except what is , how can you ever expect to make any real change in the world.

Well here is my perspective on this , it’s not an answer , just my perspective . you see humans all around the world are going around making changes , all kinds of changes and yet look at the world , what have the all the changes brought us.

Physicality is all about change , it’s in a constant state of flux , as the saying goes, the only thing that’s constant  is change. In our short human life spans , we are here for only a few seconds when compared to the age of Earth , the stars , the universe , yet everyone takes these lives so seriously as if they are so very important.

And to that I have to laugh , yes “everything”  has relative importance, but not absolute importance.

The witnessing presence is important because it is all that is , it is a fractal of  of the one , however the personality , the ego , the mind with it’s life stories ,life  situations , material things , these are all just the content within presence, props to be used in the play of life , as we perform , as we play our roles.
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