The Holographic Universe is another excellent way to explore the nature of nature. The idea that reality , or in this case what we call the physical universe is holographic in nature.

So that sounds cool , but what does it really mean, how does this enrich our experience, what is the practical application of this idea, this concept, how can it be used to expand our perception of reality.

The image above gives us a very visual representation of the concept of the Micro and the Macro, or “As above so Below” . In other words every aspect of the physical universe contains a part of the whole . We see this everywhere in nature with patterns , and shapes what we call sacred geometry.

However the Comparison between the Brain Cell and the Universe is an absolutely perfect example and has always inspired and fascinated me to no end.

The images above as are as follows, the one of the universe is a computer generated of course, based on our current understanding of the physical structure of universe, this is a small section cropped out.

Now here is where it gets fascinating, each of the wispy filaments in the image of the universe are actually pathways of sorts, they are essentially galaxies flowing outward , like rivers, like blood vessels, and the areas that are thicker , or knots , are even larger concentrations of galaxies , galaxy clusters and so on.
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