Guest Article By : Beverly Nadler CH CMT

So What Does Kabbalah Actually Teach?
It is said that Kabbala teaches the origins of “everything”, that it is the secret of life itself. Kabbala revealed startling information about the nature of our planet and our physical bodies centuries before scientists came to the same conclusions. The quantum physics description of our universe — “a unified field of energy” that contains the vibrations of everything that has ever existed — was long ago taught by Kabbalists.

But that’s only the beginning, for Kabbalah touches upon almost any subject you can think of, and gives profound and accurate information that is first being “discovered” by science. Besides its scientific revelations, Kabbalah teaches that the purpose of human life is spiritual growth, and that in order for humans to evolve they must learn to share, to love unconditionally, to give gratitude and to restrict negative impulses.

In Kabbalah there is no such thing as an angry punishing G-D.  Everything occurs by natural LAW, and is for our growth and well-being — even if we cannot recognize this because of our lack of knowledge (knowledge that can be found in Kabbalah and the Zohar.)

Besides being an almost endless source of knowledge (much of which has been hidden from the masses), Kabbalah gives us practical and effective tools for spiritual growth, change, and the fulfillment of our heart’s desires.  The Kabbalah Center calls their tools “technology for the soul”, and claims it is the best because it is Divinely channeled.
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Guest Article By:  Beverly Nadler CH CMT

Kabbalah is an ancient mystical Hebrew teaching that explains the spiritual, mental and physical laws that govern the universe, and much more. I was amazed to discover the similarities between the latest theories of physics and quantum physics and Kabbalistic teachings that were revealed thousands of years ago.

The recent tremendous surge of interest in Kabbalah can be attributed to Rav Philip Berg, his wife, Karen and their sons, Yehuda and Michael, both rabbis. The family oversees the operation of 50 or more Centres worldwide – the largest of which are in NYC, Los Angeles, London and Toronto.

Though the Kabbalah Center is not the only source for studying Kabbalah, it is the one the media writes about, the one the rich and famous go to, and the place where non-Jews, as well as Jews, are welcome to study the wisdom of Kabbalah.

It is not my intention to “teach” you Kabbalah. That is best left to Kabbalists and trained Kabbalah teachers. My intention is to tell you “about” Kabbalah in order to remove some of the misconceptions about this amazing teaching that has guided and inspired some of the most brilliant and revered people throughout history. Want to know who they are? Good, let me satisfy your curiosity before we move on.
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