Many of us are starting to realize that what we call the Illuminate , The Elite, The Powers that Be , The Ruling Class ,Extraterrestrials, Reptilians and so on , are  simply other aspects of all that is, playing their part in the game , they fulfill their duty, in this construct , this virtual reality.

And … from a greater reality , from a higher perspective, vibrationally , they are us, and we are them , the separation and classification is an illusion !

Yes ! … their actions , are a form of limitation , and yet “they” offer us a choice , a choice between limitation and entropy or growth ,expansion, abundance and synchronicity, they are offer a valuable service in teaching us , what we want and what we do not want.

The only “power” they have at all is that which we clothe them with , yes they have “had” the illusion of power for a long time becasue of their ability to control information , however those days are  fading with advances in technology and the expansion of consciousness and our ability to tap into universal mind .

Information is now readily available to anyone and everyone , and we are rapidly re educating  ourselves , individually and collectively , in some ways we are simply remembering what we already know , we are re awakening , it’s all part of the cyclical nature of nature , the classic drama ” From Darkness To Light ” .
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Clearly we have evolved into a “What About Me ” society here in the western world. It’s everywhere screaming at you , look at me , I ‘m a rock star, I’m a movie star, I’m a rapper , I’m a sports star.

This idea is promoted and packaged to the public as if the only purpose in life was to be a star, to be famous and rich.

The trickle down effect of course is that it leaves many people feeling as if their life has no meaning , no importance, as if they don’t measure up to the characters they see on TV and in movies, within  the consensus reality.

I would suggest this is the reason for much of the unhappiness , depression in the world , people have forgotten how to appreciate the simple things in life, the important things …like each other !

The “What About Me ” mentality does not leave much room for empathy , everyone is out for themselves , its a dog eat dog world out there , and very few people want to take the responsibility over their contribution , what they are projecting into this world .
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