Where is this Niburu we are all talking about in the alternative , awakening conversation. 

If your like many of us , you  probably never heard of Niburu  until just a few years ago. For me it was in the fall of 2008 ,a time of great upheaval , transformation and expansion.

The fall of 2008 was a roller coaster ride, and one of the most profound experiences I have ever had, was centered around the concept of  Niburu, at the time I knew absolutely nothing about it, I had never heard of it , at least consciously.

Here it is now , going on 4 years later,  and I have  become pretty familiar with all the lore surrounding this legendary  planet or astronomical object, or what ever it is , it may just be a symbol, or all of the above.

My perspective now on the subject is that it is a sign post, a wake up call , something that came into the scene that some of us would respond too, for what ever reason, perhaps in another reality there is a closer connection , I’m not really sure.

Personally I don’t need it to be “anything” , in fact for me I think its usefulness is over. I still hear people talking about the Doomsday planet that is coming , and along with it the inhabitants who will take over the world and other such Hollywood movie plot scenarios.

For me it was simply a wake up call , and I have moved on , I am going deeper , ever deeper into more of who I am.

Well , we knew it could happen , Alternative has finally gone Main Stream. I mean come on, the History Channel is pretty Main Stream. Right ?

This is the same channel that has been spewing the version of reality we have all been taught in school, the version academia has spoon fed the entire planet.

Then all of a sudden they come out with the Ancient Alien series. The most widely watched series in the history of the History channel.

Well yeah ! Because it’s incredibly interesting. It’s eye opening, it’s provocative, and …strangely in lock step with most of the conversation we are having…what the hell ?

I have only a watched a few of the episodes , I keep trying to  suss out the psyop going on , I still can’t figure it out. Its like they just converted the entire alternative media discussion and put it on TV for all world to see, I wanted to cry …I think.

I mean I used to feel so special …..gathering my esoteric knowledge off this newly created digital consciousness we call the internet ..and now…the Boob Tube is in competition…oh well …what the hell…the screen is bigger !

Is this disclosure, I wonder. The one episode that really blew my mind was Alien Devastation.

They tell the story of how the Annunaki came to earth to  to mine gold, genetically modified neanderthal man to be their slaves and here we are , Bam….hybrid humans , Annunaki and god knows what other DNA we have in us , some say 7 different races.

And it gets better , we’ll let the History Channel Tell the story!  Go History Channel ! I guess they figured they get better ratings when they tell the truth, what a concept. Truth was Stranger and more interesting than fiction.


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