Well, here we go again , its the spring of 2012 and the price of gas is on the rise again , just like last year at this time and it seems to be accelerating at a rate that is becoming rather alarming , especially when you reach for your wallet.

So the question is why , what is causing this rapid increase in oil prices.  The real answer is probably more about manipulation than scarcity or a potential  war with Iran.

What we have here is the classic Problem Reaction Solution program playing out again , where the PTB create the Problem , which is the soaring gas prices, and next we will be offered the solution , War with Iran.

The premise being that Iran’s refusal to play ball with the United States and its allies,  is causing uncertainty in the region , hence the higher gas prices.

Or it may be they are just greedy and they know they can get away with it , probably a little of both, and as usual the common man is caught in the middle and milked of his already dwindling resources.

I don’t know about you but this is getting very old and tired, I’m not sure why we keep going through this same loop over and over again  since 2008.

Many of us are at the point where we just wish the whole dam thing would crash , at least we could start over .

From a greater persepctive I realize that this is simply a reflection of our collective “State Of Being”,  so I go about my daily routines, smiling , affirming things “Will” get better, even though I have no idea how.

I have surrendered long ago to the process we are going through , individually and en-mass. So nothing is “Really ” shocking anymore , we just grin and bare.

The thing that does make it more “Bearable” is the wonderful changes occurring within , knowing that we are moving into a more expanded state of awareness, it has provided much needed inspiration and peace.

I’m not so effected anymore by whats going on “Out there” , at least from the perspective of my “State Of Being” , my pocket book however is certainly effected , but that’s just circumstance, albeit an annoying one.

So just know that these seemingly , nonsensical, gyrations in the markets , and commodity prices and the Geo Political affairs are all part of the birthing process, and try not to get caught up in the negativity that goes with getting fleeced at the pumps.

So if you can , try not to let circumstances effect your “State of Being”. If possible try and view all of this as a challenge , and know that universe , or higher self will take care of you , and you will “Get What You Need , When you Need it.

Below the Politician Puppets spew their propaganda about the cause of soaring oil prices, what a joke, you have to laugh at this stuff though or else you’ll cry.


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